G2 Perkz reveals their recent role swap was Caps’ idea
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G2 Esports is supposedly making another role swap in the upcoming season, and Luka “Perkz” Perković has revealed some interesting details. The former League of Legends mid laner turned bot laner turned mid laner again spoke about the situation on one of his streams.

As people started asking about G2’s upcoming role swap, Perkz clarified it wasn’t his idea, but rather came from G2’s current mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther. Perkz didn’t further elaborate on his statement, but he did add a joke to it. Referring to his nickname from this year’s Worlds, Perkz said if Caps wants to play bot, he’ll just have to take his phone and give “Uma Jan” a call.

Is G2’s role swap likely to happen?

Even though G2 players talk about it all the time, many suspected their role swap to just be one of their antics. However, there is significant proof that the role swap really is happening. To start, just looking at Perkz’s match history reveals a lot of information. Around 80% of Perk’s games after Worlds have seen him play mid lane, with the other 20% likely being auto fill. Unfortunately, Caps hasn’t played any games on his main account in the last month, so we have no information from his match history. He might simply be taking a break after Worlds, or he may have an account that we couldn’t find.

Furthermore, in a Polish interview, G2’s jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski also confirmed the role swap. Jankos explained that Perkz wasn’t really comfortable playing marksman, hence the decision to try swapping with Caps. Apparently, if it doesn’t work out, they’ll simply swap back and use their previous strategy. Caps also confirmed the news in his All-Stars interview. Lastly, though most took it as a joke, G2 Esports did actually announce the role swap in a video on their official Twitter.

Proving the doubters wrong again

When G2 first announced the acquisition of Caps in 2018, most fans were confused, to say the least. Along with the announcement of Caps coming on board, G2 also announced Perkz’s transition to the bottom lane. Many doubted this move, as this hasn’t been seen before, especially not in the west. The only example of this working out in the past was Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in moving from ADC to support and winning a League of Legends World Championship in his new role.

However, G2 quickly proved their doubters wrong, as they dominated both LEC splits and won the Mid Season Invitational. Perkz was arguably the best marksman in the EU, while Caps shone in the middle lane like he used to back on Fnatic. Even more, they were seen as one of the favorites heading into the 2019 World Championship. Once there, they reached the finals but ultimately lost to FunPlus Phoenix in a three-game series. It will be interesting to see what happens to G2 after another role swap, but we can be sure they’ll do their best to prove their doubters wrong once again.

Do you think G2’s new role swap has a chance to be even better than their first one? Let us know in the comments below! And for more League of Legends news, stay in touch with Daily Esports.