Fortnite's Marshmello concert attracted millions of players
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Fortnite partnered with DJ Marshmello to put on a truly spectacular virtual concert last weekend, and suffice it to say it was a huge hit with players. Millions attended in-game to check out the virtual stage set-up. The concert lasted only about 10 minutes but was epic enough to get large crowds to listen in and watch from the comfort of their homes.

Marshmello played his recent hits “Everyday” and “Happier” for the virtual crowd. During the “Showtime” event, Fortnite players could get front-row seats to the concert as well as a unique Marshmello avatar.

It’s racking up the views on YouTube too, for those who may not have been able to tune in to the live broadcast. Right now the performance has over 11 million views on Marshmello’s own YouTube channel. He even tweeted out right after the concert that he had attracted millions of players.

We don’t have exact confirmation of the number of players who did attend yet from Epic Games. One thing to clarify is that this is not the first time a game has hosted a live concert-style event.

Virtual in-game concerts have happened before

Many were reporting this was the first concert, but it wasn’t. Back in 2018, fellow popular game Minecraft did something very similar. They hosted their own version of Coachella – a festival hosted every year with big stars in the music industry – dubbed “Coalchella.” If we really want to say who was the first to do this that would be Second Life (remember that game?). U2 actually performed in the then-popular game back in 2008.

What made this concert experience different however was that players could literally have their avatars join Marshmello up on stage, dance, and even experience zero gravity. Those who participated clearly loved it and the event paves the way for more artists to do the same thing in the future. Let us know if you attended this concert and how you enjoyed it.