Fortnite player finds new way to complete the motorboat challenge
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As Fortnite fans engage in a new set of challenges released in Season 2, players are finding new ways to complete them. One challenge states that players must “catch air with a motorboat.” This requires players to acquire a motorboat and achieve some air-time to gain XP. Traditionally, players can do this by using a ramp or positioning the boat at the top of a waterfall.

In the past, challenges involving a boat have been known to be quite time-consuming. However, one Fortnite player found a unique way to complete this challenge. A clip posted to the Fortnite Reddit page shows players how a grapple gun can be used to complete the challenge.

The motorboat challenge

The player appears to complete the challenge at Lockie’s Lighthouse. Next, the player sits inside the boat and takes out the grapple gun. The purpose of the grapple gun is to latch onto buildings and climb them. As such, the player proceeds to use the grapple gun to climb the lighthouse. Progress for the “catch air time with a motorboat” challenge shows up on the screen. After five successful grapples, the challenge should be complete.

Fastest way of finishing the motorboat challenge from FortNiteBR

Overall, this innovative method is simpler than the traditional way. Previously, players would have to jump off ramps or waterfalls five times. This way of tackling the challenge could require more than one game to complete it.

Also, Lockie’s Lighthouse is near a large area of water where motorboats are more common. However, to complete the challenge in this way, players will need access to a boat, a grapple gun and a tall building that is not in the storm, all in one game. So, it may take a few attempts and some luck to find all the necessary pieces.

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