Fortnite player finds innovative way to survive fall damage from a helicopter
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Helicopters have many uses in Fortnite. Recently, it was discovered that helicopters could be put into autopilot mode. Since their addition to the game, they have become popular amongst fans. Now, a Fortnite player has found a way to prevent fall damage when exiting a helicopter mid-air.

It is common knowledge in the Fortnite community that players receive no fall damage by falling into a body of water. A recent clip from the Fortnite Reddit page shows an innovative method that players can use to survive a helicopter fall from a great height.

No fall damage from a helicopter

In the clip, a squad sits in a helicopter above Pleasant Park, which then positions itself above a dumpster. Then, a player leaves the helicopter. Clearly, the Fortnite player was positioned perfectly above the dumpster as they travel through it with ease. The clip shows that no fall damage was taken in the process.

How to survive a max height fall from a helicopter without water from FortNiteBR

A Fortnite fan commented on the clip: “The first time I used a choppa, I managed to place a launch pad right before I landed, so that’s also an option.” This may allow players to prevent taking fall damage anywhere on the map, providing they have a launchpad. However, this may be difficult to master in a game.

Advantages and disadvantages

An advantage of this trick is that it can help players escape danger if a dumpster is nearby. Also, the dumpster can transport players to a safer area on the map. On the other hand, this trick requires a dumpster, which may be hard to spot from high up. In addition, they can be difficult to find altogether.

A further disadvantage is that it may take a while to position the helicopter directly above the dumpster. This means players are left vulnerable as the helicopter needs to be moved slowly and kept still before jumping out. This makes it easier for enemy players to shoot them down.

It will be interesting to see if Epic Games provide a response to this by rolling out a patch in a future update. Until then, glitches that developers are working on can be viewed on the official Fortnite Trello board. Here, you can report bugs and glitches that you have found.

It may be useful to learn the location of dumpsters on the map and try this out. Having this knowledge may prove to be a game-changer!

Let us know if you find any new ways to survive fall damage, or if you have tried this yourself! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all your Fortnite news.