Fortnite patch v11.01 provides FPS fixes and no patch notes
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Fortnite released the first patch of Chapter 2Fortnite patch v11.01 dropped on Oct. 22 with the main focus on fixing FPS problems for computer players. There is also a mystery surrounding the patch. Typically, patches coincide with notes from the developers about the changes. Sometimes the notes even include details about why certain changes were made. In Chapter 2, Fortnite has yet to release any patch notes. Nothing came with the launch of the next season, nor the first patch of the season. The only updates provided came from the Fortnite Trello Board. Additionally, Save the World received its own patch notes.

FPS fixes for Fortnite

Chapter 2 brought a few bugs along with it. The most notable problem was the frame rate drops that occurred. Players noticed the problems right away and called for improvements.

Fortnite delivered on those calls to fix FPS drops. In the first patch of the season, patch v11.01, the developers corrected the issues that caused FPS drops. Additionally, players should see performance improvements when quickly turning in the game. The developers said that the changes “will feel slightly more noticeable on higher-end PCs than on lower-end ones.” Either way, the largest performance issue of the season has been addressed.

Backed into a corner, no problem

Another bug found in Chapter 2 was the inability to use items or build when a player was backed against a wall. Players got stuck in boxes and were unable to build. This caused players to easily be eliminated. They could not shoot at enemies or build to protect themselves. This issue stood out the most in box fights.

It has since been resolved. Players should no longer experience issues while they are backed up against walls. Hopefully, Epic Games continues to improve upon the game. The game fluctuates constantly, so continued performance updates are no easy task.

No patch notes for v11.01

Surprisingly, Fortnite patch v11.01 released without any notes. This is the second update in a row without patch notes. First, the release of Chapter 2 came without any additional information. The developer wanted players to explore themselves. Then the first patch of the season also saw a lack of information. It’s a rare and unusual disconnect between Epic Games and its players. Hopefully, details accompany the next patch or content update.