Fortnite mechanic turns proximity mines into throwable explosives
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The launch of Fortnite Season 2 saw Epic Games add a variety of weapons for players to use in combat, such as proximity mines. These explosives can be placed on a surface and deal damage to an opponent. They also mark the opponent’s location, giving players the opportunity to go finish the kill.

However, since their release, Fortnite players have discovered a new way to use these explosives. A clip uploaded to the competitive Fortnite Reddit page shows that proximity mines can travel through the air.

The proximity mine trick

The video shows that dealing damage to the mine itself makes it move. Additionally, the video shows that with the first hit, the mine travels upwards. Then, the proximity mine can be hit a multitude of times mid-air to make it move in different directions. A player can do this with either a pickaxe or by shooting a weapon at the mine. Evidently, the explosive can travel a significant distance which can provide many benefits in a fight.

Trick with new proximity mines. (Credit: OrangeGuy) from FortniteCompetitive

The trick is effective as it shows that a player’s build can be destroyed this way. With that in mind, this is not the only weapon that can travel in different ways. Fortnite players have discovered that combining rockets with C4 can make rockets travel in different directions.

Although this was probably not intentional, Fortnite Season 2 has made explosives more versatile and interesting to use. So, it will be interesting to see if Epic Games provide a response or nerf explosives in a future patch.

Fortnite Season 2’s weaponry has been a hot topic in the space as of late, with recent leaks suggesting what may be on the way. Data miners rifled through the game files of the season’s most recent update, uncovering potential new weapons. This includes a scoped assault rifle, a new shotgun with the codename “SlugFire”, and an automatic SMG called “The Pepper Sprayer”.

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