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Epic Games has announced the latest release of v6.10 is set to bring a new wave of excitement to Fortnite Battle Royale in the form of new in-game tournaments. The previous patch added Disco Domination and Quad Rocket Launchers to the game and we even know quadbikes are coming. Even still, the announcement of a $100 million commitment to esports earlier in 2018, Epic Games has continued to bring innovation to the game.

While many fans had questions around tournament structures, and the use of prize money, Epic Games have begun to implement competitions. Their famous Fortnite Fall Skirmish has attracted a lot of attention with their $10 million prize pool over six weeks. With this latest update however, In-Game Tournaments will make it easier for all players to “compete directly alongside the pros for glory and prizes”.

Tournaments and Matchmaking

Epic Games clarified that in-game tournaments will be run in Fortnite over scheduled dates and times. At the start of the competition, everyone begins with the same score. Players compete to earn as the highest score during the intense gameplay and points can be earned through eliminations or placements. Furthermore, each tournament is standalone and once a new competition begins, all players start again with equal points.

The main goal of a Fortnite in-game tournament will be to achieve the as many points as possible whilst striving to hit the target score. Shiny pins will be awarded if you hit the score. There’s no announcements as to what other prizes will be available at this time, but similar to other games such as Overwatch, matchmaking will pair you with players of similar skills. Matchmaking will occur during the season and if your score will ideally ensure you’ll be paired with opponents of similar standings.

Cross-platform play

One of the biggest surprises from Epic Games is that all players must opt-in for crossplay to participate in the Fortnite in-game tournaments. After PlayStation added this functionality, all gamers can play matches with anyone around the world no matter the platform. This comes as a surprise as many gamers hold mouse/keyboard to be easier to handle rather than controller or touch. Players however will compete against one another regardless of platform or input device.

Epic Games believes this to be the right move:

Every player will participate in the same competitions from start to finish, with equal opportunity to rise above the competition. We’ve been observing the performance of controller players in our Summer Skirmish, PAX West, and Fall Skirmish tournaments while playing against mouse and keyboard players at the highest levels of competition. Competitors such as NickMercs, Ayden, KamoLRF, and AmarCoD have shown that controller players can be successful while competing against some of the best PC players in the world. Combining everyone into a single competition will allow for players to compete with their friends regardless of platforms and will allow us to place a single shining spotlight onto the world’s best players, increasing prize pools and player exposure from our competitions.

While not all participants will be as good as some of the Fortnite players mentioned, more prize money in play is always a good thing for a competitive scene! Epic Games promises to monitor and assess the competition during the 2019 competitive season. They are also evaluating the benefit of platform or input specific competitions.

Competitive Play and the Future of Esports

In-Game tournaments will be kicking off very shortly. The Alpha Tournament (Solo) will be live after the next Fortnite patch updates. For a full tournament schedule, check the Epic Games website. Epic Games is very excited about the prospect of the tournament. They will be working hard to establish fun and varied schedules for all players, regardless of talent.

Eligible players will also have the opportunity to quality for 2019 the Fortnite World Cup. This competition will feature a ‘Showdown Royale’ event, which is also utilizing the new In-Game Tournament system.

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