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The Battle Royale game that has taken the world by storm, Fortnite, has cleared the 100 million download milestone on mobile platforms. These figures come from the third party tracking company, Apptopia. They say that the iOS version of the game is making around two million dollars a day, which would mean that the app would hit half a billion dollars in the revenue in the year. Currently, there is no Android version to boost these numbers. Also, Fortnite has only been available on the market for five months, which makes it one of the fastest growing apps in the world.


Breaking Fortnite’s Numbers Down

Due to its multiple-platform availability, it’s difficult to tell exactly how many players there are on Fortnite. Epic, however, announced in one of their blog posts in June, that the game had grown to 125 million players. Many players have Fortnite on multiple platforms, which Epic Games’ can track through players’ Epic ID accounts. Additionally, Fortnite took just over $126 million of revenue in February alone. This has helped drive Epic Games to hit $8.5 billion in growth. Also, because Fortnite sits as the number one most watched game on Twitch, it is possible that its popularity on the streaming site helped boost the games’ numbers.

Comparing the Competition

To give these numbers some context, we can compare its growth to other iOS and mobile releases. PUBG Mobile, which many consider being Fortnite‘s closest competitor, will not hit the 100 million download mark for another 206 days. However, Nintendo’s apps, Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run, hit 100 million downloads in less time than Fortnite. How? By a good combination of timing and advertising.

Nintendo spent plenty of money on advertising in the weeks leading to launch, including teaming up with Apple for prime App Store ad locations. Combine that with a good amount of nostalgia and the holiday boost most mobile games get in December. All of this would factor into their app hitting 100 million downloads in less than three months. Also consider the fact that Super Mario Run has been dropping off drastically ever since launch, where Pokemon GO and Fortnite have been able to sustain their success for an extended period.

Time Spent is Money Gained

In the months of May and June, Fortnite players spent almost 2.7 billion hours playing the game. This also comes with an average session time of 21.6 minutes, which beats out Pokemon GO by around seven minutes. More time in the app would mean that players are spending more money as well.

The release date of Fortnite on Android, however, has been leaked. Rumors suggest the game will be available exclusively with the Samsung Note 9 for a release date of August 9th. There are rumors that Note 9 pre-orders will come with around $100 of V-Bucks. However, one thing is clear: Fortnite will be releasing on Android sometime in the near future. Read more about the release date for Android by Jason Rodriguez here.

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