Fortnite Champion Series Squad Warmup Results - EU and NAE
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The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Warmup tournament took place this weekend. This is the first official competition of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the beginning of the squad game mode.

In Europe (EU), Jordan “Tuckz” Tucker, “CoreGaming,” Joshua “lolb0om” Juliano, and “Saevid” finished on top of the region. They accumulated 91 total points in the final round. Meanwhile, in the North America East (NAE) region, Jonathon “Nittle” Weinman, “Mikey,” Paul “Posick” McKissock, and “smqcked” took first-place. They narrowly beat out the second-place team of Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan, Chris “CizLucky” Perez, Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, and Noah “Vivid” Wright. One point differentiated the two teams.

The FNCS Warmup showcased the best players and squads in the two regions. While it awarded no prizes, this tournament was a great source of practice for all teams involved. Both the players and Epic Games used the event to prepare for the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series that will start on Nov 1.

Consistency is key in the EU region

Tuckz, CoreGaming, lolb0om, and Saevid won the warmup tournament, displaying excellent skill and consistency throughout the final round. In six games, the squad’s average placement was 4.83. Their great performance came with two wins. The first win came in game two; the squad then won the last game to capture first place. Overall, Tuckz, CoreGaming, lolb0om, and Saevid eliminated 43 players.

The chemistry of this team stood out in the FNCS Warmup. CoreGaming, lolb0om, and Saevid are one of the few teams that has stayed together from the trios tournaments. Tuckz also looked to be a great addition to the team. Their execution in this tournament makes them a favorite heading in the FNCS.

Don’t call it a comeback

In the NAE region, Nittle, Mikey, Posick, and smqcked made a late push to win the FNCS Warmup. For the first three games, the squad stayed close enough to the top of the leaderboard to remain in striking distance. Then they popped off in games four, five, and six, finishing in second, first, and third place, respectively. Throughout those games, they racked up a combined 26 eliminations. The late push gave them 89 total points, just one point above second place.

In second place, Vivid, 72hrs, CizLucky, and Chap barely missed victory. The team had an excellent tournament, but they could not overcome the late push by the winners. Both teams will be considered among the favorites to qualify in the FNCS and ultimately win it all.

Fortnite Champion Series Squads begins

The official start day for the FNCS Squads is Nov 1. These two regions – EU and NAE – start on Nov 2. Due to timezones, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia all start on the day before. This will also serve as the first official squad tournament hosted by Fortnite. Expectations vary widely, but one thing is for sure: one team per region will reign supreme at the end of the tournament.