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There’s a big update coming to For Honor next week. On March 14, 2019, Ubisoft’s 2.06 update patch will go live in the fighting game, and a lot’s getting fixed and changed in the patch. This week’s Warrior’s Den went into detail about the update. Game modes, Heroes, and aesthetics are getting some big changes! Here are some major highlights of the changes coming to For Honor next week.

Arcade changes

The Harbor is now one of the possible maps players can complete a quest in. There are also two new objective types for weekly quests. In “Survive,” the player must stay alive until the timer runs out. Enemies will continually respawn meanwhile. With “Kill Target,” the player must kill the marked opponent in order to beat the mission. The dev team is also fixing an issue during the resolution screen where the opponents slowly disappear at the end of the encounter. This is intended only for the victory screen; however, it’s appearing on defeat screens too.

In-game HUD changes

In the last game mode event, Ubisoft replaced the “your team is breaking” widget with a snazzy team-vs-team widget that stays for the whole match. This received very positive feedback and the team’s delivering — the new widget is being added to the game for Dominion and Skirmish modes. The timer’s also been relocated to the team versus widget.

For Honor‘s update includes exciting new things for Harbor!

For Honor update improvements


Big changes: The player’s revenge meter is no longer increased when in 1v1, or when they outnumber their opponent. The 1v2 revenge multiplier is increased from .50 to .70, the 1v3 multiplier from .75 to .90, and the 1v4 from .80 to 1.00. The developers intend for this change to reflect how revenge was meant to be utilized, as a tool for ganks. It’s also to encourage 1v1 battles during 4v4 game modes. By increasing the revenge multipliers, Ubisoft wishes to compensate players for the revenge they otherwise would have obtained in 1v1 situations.


The “unbalance” state has had its dodge properties nerfed. It originally had dodge properties from 0 to 300 ms. The team hopes that this will result in fewer follow-up attacks being whiffed after unbalancing an out-of-stamina opponent. This also results in new max punish combos being available for out of stamina throws.

The update means big changes to revenge mode.

Fighter changes a-comin’

Here are some highlights of the fighter changes coming next week: Shinobi’s zone attack’s third strike can now be feinted. Slide tackle also hits at 600 ms from 300 ms. The reasoning behind this is, much like with other Heroes such as Warlord, the devs want to focus more on locked-in combat and move away from sprint attack tech. As it stood before, many Heroes relied on out-of-combat charge attacks in duels. Ubisoft wishes to discourage this kind of gameplay. The uninterruptible stance has been removed on Jiang Jun’s Dou Shi Choke. In addition, Soothing Mist has had its values nerfed considerably. The cooldown time has been doubled as well. The devs state that they want players to give more consideration to its suitability in a given situation. Soothing Mist, having a short cooldown and considerable healing power, was being used in every fight against Jiang Jun.

For Honor 2.06 patch update
A considerable number of Feats are getting some major tweak action.

Fun with Feats!

This update is also coming with a ton of Feat changes that aren’t to be taken lightly. The Punch Through feat is now applicable to blocked light attacks — but not interrupted ones. The logic here is uninterruptible light attacks deal chip damage, meaning that Punch Through as a Feat is applicable in this situation, but not with interrupted attacks, where there isn’t really anything to “punch through” in this regard. Doom and Stalwart Banner both no longer disappear when the player dies, meaning that teammates will still receive the benefits from the banner.

For Honor 2.06 patch update
Rejoice! Ubisoft is squashing all your least favorite bugs.

Serious pest control coming for bugs

Do you know that one bug? Yeah, that one. They’re fixing it — along with the rest of the very irritating bugs For Honor‘s community has voiced their distress over. Over at For Honor HQ, they’re doing some serious squashing. For starters, the team’s fixing a bug that prevented Berserker from landing heavy attacks after throwing an out-of-stamina opponent. The bug causing Valkyrie’s light finishers to bind opponents in any state is also being fixed.

Everyone’s favorite Scottish mix-up artist has some much-needed repair in store for him as well. Highlander’s out-of-stamina right heavy attack has a bug that causes his parry window to be shorter. His Balor’s Might move was also hitting opponents who were clearly out of range. Both of these are going the way of Myspace. The team’s also fixing the Gladiator bug where his zone didn’t show the proper unblockable indicator. Hallelujah.

For Honor 2.06 patch update
For Honor‘s gonna be a lot smoother after all these Hero fixes.

And never fear, warriors — those Shaman bugs are getting her a trip to urgent care, ASAP. She has a bug where certain minions would interrupt her moves, binding them due to her bleeds. Predator’s Hunger had a rather nasty bug that would knock back the Shaman too. Aramusha has an aesthetic bug where he isn’t really getting up after being revived. Also, he can unlock during Blade Blockade, allowing for an attack that can’t be parried. Shaolin was suffering from chronic Qi Stance heavy cost inconsistency. Thankfully, Ubisoft has found a suitable treatment plan, and the stamina cost should be 12 across the board instead of variables between 6 and 12. A couple of bugs were causing the Prior untrue darkness. His movement delay after attack recovery is being seen to, as is the ability for his opponents to activate revenge at the very beginning of a Bulwark Counter.

All these fixes are going to make for a better — albeit slightly different — For Honor experience. The full patch notes for the update can be viewed at Ubisoft’s official post. What are your thoughts on the 2.06 update? Let us know!