FNCS NAW Week 1: dopi, peace, dabzi, and Herrions secure first
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Week 1 of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) has ended for the North America West (NAW) region. Luke “dabzi” Delgado, “dopi,” Rio “peace” Burke, and Kyle “Herrions” Trusley finished on top. Surprisingly, they did so without winning a single match in the final round. Instead, the squad grabbed victory by remaining consistent and slaying out when it mattered most. In second came “Jay,” “little,” “Leno,” and “parm” with 92 total points. They fell just three points short of the top spot but still qualified for the Season Finals.

The final game decided the NAW

The final round of the FNCS consists of six games with the top 25 squads. This format causes every single game to be important. This certainly held true in the NAW region, as the sixth game determined the champion. Herrions, dopi, peace, and dabzi did not manage to win a game. Fortunately, they earned placement points every game. The squad only had one match outside of the top 10. Additionally, they racked up the most eliminations in the region with 50. In the final match, Herrions, dopi, peace, and dabzi finished in second place with nine eliminations to secure the victory.

Jay, little, Leno, and parm also finished with 50 total eliminations. This squad held the lead going into the final match, but they then finished in tenth with six eliminations. If they had reached the next placement threshold, the team would have won Week 1. Fans should expect to see this team on the leaderboards again.

NAW FNCS Week 1 fortnite champion series north america west

Top 10 teams qualify

Each week in North America West, squads battle through three separate rounds. The final round determines which teams advance. The top 10 teams of that final round qualify for the Season Finals. Here are the top 10 for the week:

  1. dopi, peace, dabzi, TSM Herrions – 95 points
  2. little, leno, parm, KNG Jay – 92 points
  3. rehx, Liquid Cented, NRG EpikWhale, NRG Edgey – 76 points
  4. Au Zesty, Au Howdy, GTEDog, Au Chris – 74 points
  5. 1400 Rhux, Persecute, 1400 Pika, 1400 Joel – 68 points
  6. slim, Bumboy, nolan, endothermic18 – 59 points
  7. snow, Meltze, TK Barl, Andrew – 46 points
  8. reignizzle, tonesy, mista xenon, Wizz – 44 points
  9. 100T Arkhram1x, Falconer, CLG Symetrical, Ghost Sean – 42 points
  10. Fulmer, jayrosez, Ghost Aydan, Kytrex – 40 points

FNCS week 1 awards

These are the top-performing and standout players from the first week of the Fortnite Champion Series:

  • Most eliminations: (2 teams tied with 50) – dopi, peace, dabzi, TSM Herrions and little, leno, parm, KNG Jay
  • Best average placement: (4.8) – dopi, peace, dabzi, TSM Herrions
  • Highest-elimination game: (Game 6, 16 eliminations) – Au Zesty, Au Howdy, GTEDog, Au Chris

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