FNCS NAE Week 2: Liquid Luck takes over - Upcomer
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The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) saw another impressive performance in the North American East (NAE) region. This time a new team won three out of six games in the final round. The team nicknamed “Liquid Luck” consists of Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan, Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, Chris “CizLucky” Perez, and Noah “Vivid” Wright. They failed to reach the final round in Week 1 but earned the top spot this week.

Unfortunately, technical issues plagued the semi-final round. Games that teams played in the semi-finals did not count. The error benefited some teams while others were left clueless about how to proceed. Eventually, Epic Games announced that squads would receive an extra hour to play their games. The news was too late for some teams.

Liquid back on top

The winners wasted no time getting started in Week 2 of the FNCS in NAE. Chap, 72hrs, CizLucky, and Vivid won the first game of the night. They eliminated eight players on their way to victory. Next, they earned 7th and 5th, respectively. Then they won back-to-back games in Game 4 and 5. After that, Liquid Luck knew they had earned a top 10 spot. In the final game, the squad proceeded to troll teams. Overall, the team finished with 107 points and three wins. It was a wonderful performance that advances them to the Season Finals.

Nate “Kreo” Kou, Brian “Zyfa” Wielgolaski, “Cloud,” and Andrew “KeysFN” placed in second. The squad had a chance at victory but had a rough Game 4. They did not earn any points that game and it was the difference between first and second. Overall, they had an excellent performance. Kreo, Zyfa, Cloud, and KeysFN earned placement points in every game besides one. The best game of the day came in their Game 2 win with 16 eliminations. This team is one to watch out for in upcoming weeks.

Top 10 teams qualify

Each week in North American East, squads battle through three separate rounds. The final round determines which teams advance. The top 10 teams of that final round qualify for the Season Finals. Here are the top 10 for the week:

  1. Tempo CizLucky, Liquid 72HRS, LiquidChap, Liquid Vivid – 107 points
  2. LZR Kreo, SEN Zyfа, TSM Cloud, KeysFN – 99 points
  3. FaZe Megga, Ghost Bizzle, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs – 83 points
  4. Envy Bucke, SEN Animal, FLY Faultur, SEN Aspect – 79 points
  5. Slackes, innoсentѕ, casqer, Aѕsаult– 64 points
  6. T1 Sofa, jammyz, brеcht, Tristan Hipp – 54 points
  7. UnknownxArmy1x, GA KEZ, 0 ping Ronaldo, Avery  – 41 points
  8. LZR Hornet, Dеfy, tickrss, Jaсob – 40 points
  9. TSM_Zexrow, yung calculator, TSM_Vincenzo1x, TSM MackWood1x – 39 points
  10. 100T Ceice, Liquid Riversan, hydraΦ, 100T Elevate – 38 points

FNCS Week 2 awards

These are the top-performing and standout players from the second week of the Fortnite Champion Series:

  • Most eliminations: (54) – LZR Kreo, SEN Zyfа, TSM Cloud, KeysFN
  • Best average placement: (4.8) – Tempo CizLucky, Liquid 72HRS, LiquidChap, Liquid Vivid
  • Highest-elimination game: (Game 2, 16 eliminations) – LZR Kreo, SEN Zyfа, TSM Cloud, KeysFN

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