FNCS NAE Week 1: Comadon, Zayt, HighSky, and Saf come out on top
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The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) began in the North American East (NAE) region. Week 1 started with a win from Williams “Zayt” Aubin, Rocco “Saf” Morales, Tyler “HighSky” Tereso, and Josh “Commandment” Roach. The squad completely dominated the final round. They won three out of six games to win by over 50 points. The second place team also performed well, but they stood no chance. Daniel “Dubs” Walsh, Noam “Megga” Ackenine, Timothy “Bizzle” Miller, and Jared “Eclipsae” Elwood had a great day. They finished in second place and also earned themselves a spot in the Season Finals.

Zayt, Saf, Commandment, and HighSky steal the show

No other teams stood a chance in Week 1 of the FNCS. Zayt, Saf, Commandment, and HighSky won the first game and left no opportunities for other teams to comeback. They started off with a 12-elimination win, then proceeded to win the third and fourth games. Overall, the squad racked up 43 eliminations and 121 total points. Their worst placement in six games was fourth place. No other team, regardless of region, came close to matching them.

If not for Zayt, Saf, Commandment, and HighSky, the second place team would have received praise for their consistency. Dubs, Megga, Bizzle, and Eclipsae finished in second. They had a great final round in FNCS Week 1. The squad earned placement points in every game and placed no worse than eighth. Dubs, Megga, Bizzle, and Eclipsae scored 70 total points.

Top 10 teams qualify

Each week in North American East, squads battle through three separate rounds. The final round determines which teams advance. The top 10 teams of that final round qualify for the Season Finals. Here are the top 10 for the week:

  1. TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf – 121 points
  2. FaZe Megga, Ghost Bizzle, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs – 70 points
  3. Nittle, Mikey, BBG Posick, BBG Smqcked – 68 points
  4. Ghost thwifo, SEN Bugha, RS ClarityG, Liquid STRETCH – 58 points
  5. Khanada, clkzy, Liquid Fiber, Tfue – 56 points
  6. roatdw, E11 BlooTea, TeKae, RogueShark – 55 points
  7. FaZe Bini, FaZe Diggy, nanolite, Shaedess – 54 points
  8. Slackes, innocents, NotSebby, Ghost Assault – 53 points
  9. Jamper, VOIL, TEEJAY, VYX – 51 points
  10. A1 King, A1 Nut, A1 Scoped, A1 Tuexy – 41 points

FNCS week 1 awards

These are the top-performing and standout players from the first week of the Fortnite Champion Series:

  • Most eliminations: (43) – TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf
  • Best average placement: (1.8) – TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf
  • Highest-elimination game: (Game 2, 13 eliminations) – Jamper, VOIL, TEEJAY, VYX

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