FNCS EU Week 4: Andilex, Noward, 4zr, and DRG reign supreme
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The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) finished the last week of qualifying rounds. This was the final opportunity for players to reach the Season Finals. Jérémy “4zr” Dang, Alexandre “Andilex” Christophe, Evan “DRG” Depauw, and Howard “Noward” Castiaux have been the most consistent team throughout the FNCS. This week, the team continued on their tear. They finished first overall for the second time in just four weeks. The squad capped off an impressive round of qualifying play with a 123-total point performance.

Kings of qualifiers

Andilex, Noward, 4zr, and DRG had an amazing final round. The team put together a string of great games to start. They finished second, first, and second in the first three games. Between those three games, the squad eliminated 38 players. They would have finished within the top five on the leaderboard had they stopped after three games. Unfortunately for other squads, Andilex, Noward, 4zr, and DRG proceeded to rack up 25 more eliminations while finishing in tenth, second, and third respectively. They ended with 123 total points. Their 63 total eliminations tied for the most in Week 4.

Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie, Blaž “K1nzell” Lešnik, Valentin “Falconly” Champeaux, and Chris “crr” Williams finished behind the top squad with 111 total points. This squad was a heavy favorite when the Fortnite Champion Series began. They proved that in Week 3 and 4. Mitr0, K1nzell, Falconly, and crr finished within the top three teams the past two weeks.

In Week 4, Mitr0, K1nzell, Falconly, and crr won two out of six games. The squad also eliminated 63 total players. Even though they did not finish first, the squad remains a favorite moving forward.

Top 10 teams qualify

Each week in Europe, FNCS squads battle through three separate rounds. The final round determines which teams advance. The top 10 teams of that final round qualify for the Season Finals. Here are the top 10 for the week:

  1. MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward, Vitality DRG – 123 points
  2. Mitr0, ohcrr, k1nzell, falconly – 111 points
  3. Eon RedRush, drobbаn, Eon znappy, wakiе – 90 points
  4. FaZe Mongraal, LZR Wolfiez, NRG benjуfishу, LeStream Nayte – 79 points
  5. RBK Ritz, TSM_Crue, LG beehive, chapix 74 – 67 points
  6. Loru77, Anxios, Steptr, iRezUmi – 55 points
  7. ΙDrop, BL Flikk, MSF Endretta, Troqz – 41 points
  8. NewG Kyzen, NewG Stig, CLEMENT, BDS Blacky – 32 points
  9. hamza jonizo, scout xo, V Enc Apoxyl.37, Zeston – 32 points
  10. umpedump123, washedsnappy123, MIROOOOOOOOOOOO, kingmatsoe123 – 31 points

FNCS Week 4 awards

These are the top-performing and standout players from the fourth week of the Fortnite Champion Series:

  • Most eliminations: (Two teams tied with 63) – Mitr0, ohcrr, k1nzell, falconly / MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward, Vitality DRG
  • Best average placement: (3.3) – MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward, Vitality DRG
  • Highest-elimination game: (Game 3, 18 eliminations) – Loru77, Anxios, Steptr, iRezUmi

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