FaZe Clan announces PUBG Mobile team and an international expansion
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FaZe Clan has grown over the last decade to become one of the world’s largest esports organizations. It was even the most talked-about organization on Twitter for 2019. With teams across Call of Duty, PUBG, CSGO, Rainbox Six, and FIFA along with 22 championships, it isn’t hard to understand why. Now, though, FaZe has surprised us by announcing a roster for PUBG Mobile.

Meet FaZe Clan’s PUBG Mobile Squad

This announcement marks the creation of the organization’s first roster located entirely in Asia, with the expansion bringing FaZe Clan to Thailand. Their PUBG Mobile team will consist of Tharit “Vintorez” Pluksang, Ratchapol “Bulshark” Maneerat, Thiraphong “MR5” Murasri (previously known as Maroon5), and Wacharakorn “Echo” Tiengtiso. Pollawat “MaFia” Krapol will serve as the team’s coach.

These professional players, as well as their coach, have made competitive earnings through their PUBG prowess. MaFia was previously an Attacker for EVOS Burnout’s PUBG Mobile team in 2019. Vintorez will lead the FaZe squad as Captain, but the most popular player appears to be BulShark. BulShark is also a content creator. He streams through Facebook with over 69,000 followers and has more than 44,000 subscribers on YouTube.

FaZe Clan isn’t the only Esports organization to announce an international team in recent months. Fnatic, an organization older than FaZe, announced its own PUBG Mobile squad located in India last October.

The PUBG Mobile esports scene seems to be growing quickly. According to Tencent, the prize pool across the title’s esports ventures for 2020 should be $5 Million. The company has also announced the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Sprint Split, registration for which closes on Jan. 21. However, players from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Hongkong China, and Macau China will have a separate registration period that has yet to be announced. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Pro League will run alongside the PMCO.