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Day three of the Legends stage at the FACEIT Major in London was an emotional one. From key match-ups like mousesports vs. FaZe and Astralis vs. Liquid to success found by the underdogs, compLexity. Following are summaries of all of today’s matches.

Fnatic slides past Vega Squadron

The very first match-up of the day brought us to the quite commonly picked Inferno map. Fnatic started off on the ct-side and were having trouble from the get-go. Anton “tonyblack” Kolesnikov and co. were looking fantastic on t-side, snatching the first seven consecutive rounds. Fnatic finally responded with three rounds and then got another two, later on, to close the half 10-5 in favor of the underdogs, Vega. On t-side, however, Fnatic was a different team. Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson turned on by getting 30 total frags and leading his team to take bombsites expertly. Vega Squadron was left helpless as the Fnatic comeback continued. Fnatic brought it back to 14-14 and then went on to grab the next two rounds to close out the game 16-14. Vega failed to anticipate a comeback and was left speechless after mounting up a hefty lead.

woxic shows class in HellRaisers vs. TYLOO

A relatively close half on Overpass led into an extremely one-sided match after half-time. TYLOO had a good start to the game, picking up the pistol on ct-side and the next four rounds. From then on a back-and-forth game commenced leading to the half wrapping up 8-7 in favor of TYLOO. A real breakthrough happened on HellRaiser’s ct-side when their star player, Özgür “woxic” Eker, showed a fantastic performance. woxic got three kills on the second pistol round, backstabbed TYLOO to get three kills on a full buy round, and also clutched a 1v2 with an AWP to defuse the bomb. The young Turk was everywhere for his team that half, and although BnTeT had was having a great game, woxic had an even better one.

woxic’s performance was just what his team needed in the second half to secure the win.

HellRaisers went on to pick up six rounds before TYLOO would be able to get two in a row. However, the match finished soon after, with HellRaisers closing out the game by snatching the last three rounds. TYLOO lost the game 10-16 in what seemed a close game at first sight.

Winstrike mount a comeback only to fall to Cloud9

The ct-side proved to be pivotal for both teams. Cloud9 started off on ct-side and managed to mount up a massive lead of 12-3 at the half-time mark. However, they were just as ineffective on t-side as their opponents. Despite losing the pistol round after side switch, Winstrike managed to pull things back all the way to overtime in a performance that absolutely stunned Cloud9. Unfortunately for them, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham and Timothy “autimatic” Ta were just too much at overtime. The duo got 29 and 32 kills respectively throughout the game and showed no sign of giving up at ot. Amazingly, Cloud9 managed to get 3 rounds on t-side, and had to only get one more on their ct-side to win the game. Winstrike managed to pull one before falling to the American formation, an unfortunate end to a promising comeback for Winstrike. Final score: 19-16 for Cloud9.

compLexity gets the first spot at the New Champions stage after beating BIG

What a surprise. Probably the biggest underdog of the tournament has made it to the Champions stage with a 3-0 score. compLexity dominated over BIG on Nuke and in what fashion. Starting out on t-side, the American side straight away picked up the pistol round and followed with a seven-round streak. It was then that BIG pulled together some rounds on ct-side to make it close enough going into the second half, 9-6 for compLexity. After halftime, however, things started to look really ugly for BIG. The German side only managed to get one bomb plant and win two rounds in the entire half. compLexity was completely in control on the ct-side of Nuke and put together seven rounds in rapid and swift fashion to win the game comfortably, 16-8. While Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker was the most impressive player, the whole compLexity team had their major input into the victory. Additionally, Rory “dephh” Jackson is the first ever British player to go into the playoffs of a major. Well deserved indeed.

Na’Vi shines against NiP

s1mple does his job expertly to guarantee his team’s striving for greatness.

The next game brought us to Train. The first half led to Na’Vi kicking things off things quickly by owning the pistol and then getting the next two before NiP responded with two rounds of their own. The first half was quite back and forth between the two teams; however, Na’Vi remained on top with 9-6 going to the t-side. Everything changed after side switch when s1mple and co. went absolutely rampant. There was just no stopping the Eastern European formation. NiP could not even pick up one round on the ct-side. S1mple’s 1v3 clutch on the very last round was the perfect ending to a one-sided match. Natus Vincere won 16-6 and are looking confident going forward.

MIBR steamroll through G2

Yet another one-sided performance was seen on Inferno. MIBR went on to run over their French opponents in a very easy game. G2 first struggled to enter bombsites on their t-side and only managed to get three rounds in the half. Meanwhile, MIBR has gone all out to suppress Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and his team, playing a mixture of aggressive and passive ct-side. The problem for G2 was quite simple; everyone on MIBR was getting frags. All of the MIBR players finished the match with above-average performances, with Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo at the top. Nothing changed much after halftime when MIBR had no bigger problems in penetrating G2’s defense. The French side only managed to pick up one round before falling to MIBR 16-4, a disappointing show for fans of the French Counter-Strike scene.

Liquid finally defeat their nemesis, Astralis

Team Liquid, also named the American Astralis, has lost a final of a big LAN tournament thrice this year against the one and only Astralis. nitr0’s wish in yesterday’s interview has come true, as he wished to go up against Astralis. Not only that, but Liquid managed to edge out Astralis in a spectacular match, worthy of being the final of the whole tournament.

The match-up brought us to Inferno with Liquid kicking things off on t-side. The Americans mounted up an incredible 9-0 lead before Astralis could respond with only two rounds. Nick “nitr0” Cannella’s aggressive pushes on banana and unexpected UMP-45 frags from Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski were just some of the crazy scenes of the half. Things were looking squeaky clean for Liquid as they were going into the ct-side with a 13-2 score in their favor. Unfortunately for them, Astralis showed much of the same on their own t-side. Unexpected plays in the form of Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander getting a quad kill to plant and deny the bomb plant were imperative in the staggering comeback. Astralis brought it all the way back to 15-15 and looked confident going into overtime.

Liquid finally recomposed themselves in overtime, denying bomb plants on ct-side that caused them to win the initial three rounds. After side switch, they finally secured the last needed round they desired so much on t-side and won 19-15. What an amazing showmanship of pure talent in one match.

FaZe send mousesports packing

The very last matchup of the day sent us to Mirage where FaZe and mousesports battled it out for survival in the Major. Mousesports had a quite disappointing turn-up, with Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski and the young talent Robin “ropz” Kool having very underwhelming results. On the other hand, we finally saw the true form of Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer, paving the way for his side’s victory.

Mousesports only found success on the initial pistol rounds on their ct-side but struggled to find rounds further into the half amidst the onslaught of FaZe terrorists. FaZe found great success in the half, building up a healthy lead of 10-5. Unfortunately, we did not see much change in the second half when it came to mousesports’s form. Mousesports managed to string together three rounds on t-side, but FaZe put up a good defense as counter-terrorists and quite easily won the game 16-8, sending mousesports home. An unfortunate result for a team that definitely has a talented roster.

After today’s results, the teams’ records stand as follows:

  • Team Liquid 3-0 (qualified)
  • compLexity 3-0 (qualified)
  • Natus Vincere 2-1
  • BIG 2-1
  • MIBR 2-1
  • Astralis 2-1
  • HellRaisers 2-1
  • fnatic 2-1
  • FaZe 1-2
  • Cloud9 1-2
  • Vega Squadron 1-2
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-2
  • TYLOO 1-2
  • G2 1-2
  • mousesports 0-3 (knocked out)
  • Winstrike 0-3 (knocked out)

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