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Last weekend was the Super Bowl of fighting games, the granddaddy of all fighting game tournaments: Evolution (or EVO, as it’s often called). This year, EVO featured eight games. The headliners included Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, and Injustice 2.

Also notable is that, for the first time in EVO history, a game had more entrants than the current Street Fighter title. That honor went to the mega-popular Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was also the most watched stream in EVO history, with 257,805 concurrent viewers. Considering that 2018 was the game’s EVO debut, that’s pretty impressive. Below are the Top 8 EVO 2018 results for each of the eight headline games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

EVO 2018 Results

1. FOX|SonicFox (Bardock/Zamasu Fused/Android 16)
2. CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta Super Saiyan)
3. CAG|Fenritti (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta Super Saiyan)
4. PONOS|moke (Kid Buu/Cell/Trunks)
5. W2W|KnowKami (Android 21/Cell/Goku Black, Cell/Kid Buu/Zamasu Fused)
5. GGP.HORI|Kazunoko (Kid Buu/Gohan Adult/Yamcha)
7. YOSHIMOTO|kubo (Gohan Adult/Android 16/Goku Super Saiyan)
7. NRG|Supernoon (Kid Buu/Cell/Vegeta Super Saiyan)

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

EVO 2018 Results

1. mouz|Problem-X (M. Bison, Abigail)
2. FOX|Tokido (Akuma)
3. CYG.BST|Fuudo (R. Mika)
4. gachikun (Rashid)
5. Fudoh|Fujimura (Ibuki)
5. BJKE.RB|Luffy (R. Mika)
7. RISE|Caba (Guile)
7. THE COOL KID93 (Abigail)

Tekken 7

EVO 2018 Results

1. Fursan|LowHigh (Shaheen, Law)
2. UYU|qudans (Devil Jin)
3. ITS|Lil Majin (King)
4. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov)
5. ALPHA Red|Book (Jin)
5. Fursan|Rangchu (Panda)
7. AMD|chirichiri (Shaheen)
7. COOAS|NOROMA (Jack-7, Dragunov)

Super Smash Bros. Melee

EVO 2018 Results

1. TSM|Leffen (Fox)
2. [A]|Armada (Peach, Fox)
3. PG|Plup (Sheik)
4. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
5. Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon)
5. C9|Mang0 (Falco)
7. OG|Swedish Delight (Sheik)
7. Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon)

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

EVO 2018 Results

1. OMITO (Johnny)
2. SURUGAYA|Machabo (Ky Kiske)
3. WN|LostSoul (Elphelt)
4. NAGE (Faust)
5. YOSHIMOTO|Zadi (Raven)
5. Rion (Ky Kiske)
7. Fumo (Elphelt)
7. Mikado|Teresa (Jam Kuradoberi)

Super Smash Bros. for WiiU

1. Lima (Bayonetta)
2. CaptainZack (Bayonetta)
3. DNG|Nietono (Diddy Kong, Sheik)
4. EMG|Mistake (Bayonetta)
5. W2W|Mr E (Lucina)
5. PG|MVD (Diddy Kong)
7. YOSHIMOTO|Choco (Zero Suit Samus)
7. CND|Raito (Duck Hunt)

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

EVO 2018 Results

1. heiho (Ruby/Gordeau)
2. PAG|Fame96 (Yu/Jin)
3. GRPT.BE|DORA_BANG (Hazama/ν-No.13-)
4. kojiKOG (Waldstein/Tager)
5. CAG|Fenritti (Jin/Hyde)
5. GGP.HORI|Kazunoko (Ruby/Gordeau)
7. GOUDA (Gordeau/ν-No.13-)
7. Dettywhiterock (Yang/Waldstein)

Injustice 2

EVO 2018 Results

1. Noble|Rewind (Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Black Adam, Catwoman)
2. Noble|Tweedy (Doctor Fate, Starfire)
3. FOX|SonicFox (Firestorm, Red Hood, Starfire, Black Manta)
4. Big D (Poison Ivy)
5. PG|Hayatei (Robin)
5. Noble|Semiij (Catwoman)
7. Method|SylverRye (Hellboy)
7. bc|Biohazard (Cheetah, Starfire, Black Manta)

EVO also held exhibitions for unreleased games, giving everyone a chance to see unreleased games played at a high level. The results of these exhibitions are as follows.

Soul Calibur 6

EVO 2018 Results

1. LinkRKC (Ivy)
2. BxA|Party Wolf (Kilik, Grøh)
3. Xephukai (Sophitia)
4. Boom (Yoshimitsu)
5. Kayane (Xianghua)
5. TCOL|VictimofRitual (Ivy)
7. KDZ (Siegfried)
7. Yellowtail (Grøh)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

EVO 2018 Results

1. Team NRG – NRG|Nairo (Ganondorf, Pit, Ridley, Lucina, Inkling) & NRG|HookGangGod (Bowser, Ridley)
2. Team PG – PG|ESAM (Pikachu, Samus, Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Marth) & PG|INFILTRATION (Bayonetta, Samus)
3. Team Evo – Rip (Ike) & EE (Mario, Cloud)
3. Team Tempo – Tempo|Axe (Link) & Tempo|Alex Myers (Cloud)

Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to EVO for another fantastic year.