Event schedule released for MTG: Arena's Historic Anthology 2
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Wizards of the Coast recently released the Historic Anthology 2 event schedule. The event will take place in MTG: Arena. During the event, all users will have access to Historic decks and can earn daily and weekly win rewards while playing matches. Here is the upcoming event schedule for MTG: Arena:

  • Historic and traditional Historic Ranked: Mar. 12 – Apr. 16
  • Heirlooms of History workshop: Mar. 15 – Mar. 18
  • Historic Brawl (Erebo’s Memoir of Death): Mar. 21 – Mar. 23
  • Historic Pauper: Mar. 28 – Apr. 4
  • Historic Challenge: Apr. 11 – Apr. 13

The difference between Standard and Historic format in MTG

In 2019, Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new format to add variety to gameplay in MTG: Arena. Typically, players would use the Standard format; however, with Standard, players are limited to newer released sets. This includes Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica’s Allegiance, and Core Set 2020.

As exciting as these sets are, a lot of cards from previous sets would not be available for use due to rotation. Frequent alterations to the legal card pool keep the game fun and new. In order to keep MTG: Arena fresh, the Historic format was added, which gives players another chance to play cards from older sets.

Historic Anthology 2

On Mar. 12, Wizards will release Historic Anthology 2 in MTG: Arena, a set that will include 25 cards. Players can either purchase the cards for 4,000 gems (25,000 gold) or craft them individually with wildcards. In addition, the Historic Anthology 2 cards also sync up with the Thalia, Guardian of Thraben secret lair set. Historic Anthology 2 features 7 Enchantments, 7 Lands, 8 Creatures, 1 Legendary Creature, 1 Sorcery, and 1 Artifact creature.

Overall, Historic Anthology 2 has players really excited, especially with cards like Platinum Angel, Sigil of the Empty Throne, and Brain Maggot to name a few. The Historic events will start Mar. 12 and run until Apr. 13. MTG: Arena will also have tons of new features involving direct messages and friend challenges.

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