Eternals Starter Series and Series 1 Pass guide for League of Legends
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In early March 2020, League of Legends released Eternals. Eternals tracks and displays champion-specific player stats in-game, which allows players to flex on enemies while playing. Included in the release are two separate passes available for players to purchase, the Starter Series and the Series 1 Pass. League of Legends also added more interesting features to Eternals such as statues, mastery 7 upgrades and Personal Best milestones.

What are Eternals?

As stated, Eternals are champion stats tracked on players. For example, team-killing Baron with Soraka would add a stack to one of her Eternals. Each champion comes with three Eternals per Series. In addition, there are two types of Eternals: unique and common. To access Eternals, players can go to the collection tab. From there, they can click on a champion and locate the progression tab for more details. Immediately, players will notice a Starter Series Pass, Series 1 Pass and correlating statue symbols.

The difference between Starter Series Pass and Series 1 Pass

League of Legends released two types of Eternals. There are common Eternals that can be purchased with both Blue Essence (BE) and Riot Points (RP) and cover basic stats for all champions. Takedowns (kills and assists), structures destroyed and epic monsters killed are common Eternal stats. Purchasing the Starter Series Pass will include all common Eternals for every champion in League of Legends.

Meanwhile, purchasing the Series 1 Pass will grant players all unique Eternals for every champion in the first series. Unique Eternals are champion-specific stats. For instance, Soraka has an Eternal called “Last Wishes.” In order to stack the Eternal, players must save an ally by using her ultimate.

Eternal milestones

Every Eternal can be stacked. There is a set number on each Eternal for players to use as a checkpoint. Once players reach the number, an in-game shoutout pops-up. Then the Eternal name, statue and stats are displayed for everyone to see. Moreover, there will be awards for completing milestones. When players hit a milestone five times, they will unlock “Personal Best” stats. When they pass 15 milestones across Eternals in a set, a flame effect will be unlocked. The flame effect will be placed on the mastery 7 emote.

Eternal statues

There are six Eternal statues. Each helps place an Eternal in a gameplay category. Here is each statue and its purpose:

  • The Warden (Blue): Eternal with crowd control
  • The Protector (Yellow): Eternal for tank crowd control and damage-dealing
  • The Empress (Purple): Eternal for clever plays
  • The Guide (Green): Eternal for game-changing plays
  • The Warrior (Red): Eternal for big instant damage-dealing
  • The Trickster (Fuschia): Eternal for bamboozling plays

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