Epic Games announces $15M Fortnite Winter Royale Duos tournament
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Epic Games released the much anticipated announcement for the next competitive Fortnite season. Winter Royale 2019 will feature Duos as the game mode. Players can now begin looking for their partner. The overall prize pool is $15 million across all regions. Winter Royale takes place over three separate days. Each day starts a new tournament with a $5 million prize pool. The prizes will be spread out across seven different regions. Epic Games typically spends most of the prize pool in North American East and Europe. The event will run Dec. 20-22, not too long after the Fortnite Champion Series ends the weekend of Dec. 6-8.

Fortnite Winter Royale duos details

The Fortnite World Cup was the last major Duos competition. That ended back in July of 2019. Since then, Epic Games has rotated through multiple game modes including solos, trios, and squads. Now, duos return for three tournaments over the month of December. Based on the information available, the tournaments only last one day. Additionally, competition will be separated by platform. That is something that many console and mobile players hoped for. On the other hand, the platform-specific tournaments take away from the PC prize pool. Still, $15 million in three days is a ton of prize money.

The tournaments are open to all players. Unlike previous tournaments, competitors do not need to reach a certain division in Arena Mode; the usual requirements are Contenders or Champions division. Epic Games now allows the great player base to participate. This means that the beginning of the tournaments will be kill races. The top players will beat down the less skill competitors to rise up the leaderboard.

No official stream for the FNCS Squad Finals

Unfortunately, the same announcement comes with bad news. There will be no official stream by Epic Games or Fortnite for the upcoming Season Finals. The post rather promotes individual streamers and players. There is a list of players that will stream the event. Additionally, PracticeServer is working on their own production of the event. More details can be found in a PracticeServer tweet.

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