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Another day, and it seems another established franchise is giving the battle royale genre a try. We know that many players have heard about Call of Duty and Battlefield giving the genre a go. But what you might not know yet is that Dying Light was one of the early birds that wanted to tread new waters. Late last year, developer Techland announced that the franchise would have a battle royale spinoff called Dying Light: Bad Blood. And just today, they finally announced that the game will be on Steam Early Access this September.

Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood will pit up to 12 players trying to survive the apocalypse against hordes of zombies. Apart from contending with the infected, players will also need to watch their backs — literally and figuratively. That’s because Dying Light: Bad Blood will have PvPvE gameplay. The game will require a bit of cooperation against the undead hordes as players gather blood samples to level up. It will also feature visceral melee combat and a slew of ranged weaponry. Your team of survivors will scavenge for weapons and take down limitless waves of the undead. At the same time, since it is a battle royale game, you’ll also need to backstab other players with you. Only one person will be left standing by the time your evac chopper arrives.

You can sign up on the game’s official website to partake in the Global Playtests. From August 25-26, only selected players will be lucky enough to try it out. From September 1-2, everyone who signed up will be able to join the playtest. Later in September though, the game will enter Steam Early Access. You’ll need to shell out $19.99 for the Founder’s Pack, which offers several goodies along with being able to play the game. Progress in the Global Playtests also carries over to Steam Early Access. What’s worth noting is that once the game does leave the Early Access phase, it becomes free-to-play.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be available for PC and consoles. As usual, Daily Esports will keep you updated with more news. Will Techland’s zombie apocalypse romp freshen up the battle royale landscape? Or will it simply end up getting hit with a parkour dropkick from giants like Fortnite?