DreamHack Open Montreal: Kinguin take home the trophy. A new Polish powerhouse? - Upcomer
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After defeating AGO Esports in the semi-finals, Kinguin has emerged victorious at the final of DreamHack Open Montreal, beating ENCE 16-14 on Nuke, and then 16-9 on Dust2.

Nuke, the Polish side’s pick, resulted in a very close game. The match kicked off with ENCE initially picking up the pistol round. The Poles, however, retaliated quickly and picked up the next five rounds. What followed was a back and forth half, neither side letting the other get a major advantage. The half finished 8-7 for Kinguin, and the following half saw much of the same — a very back and forth game where every mistake and every strong play could potentially lead to a loss or win. Kinguin eventually closed out the game 16-14 despite Aleksi “allu” Jalli and Jere “sergej” Salo racking up 26 kills each and displaying strong individual performances. It was a very balanced team play from the Polish side that emerged victoriously. Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and his team all attained around 20 kills, ultimately proving that it is indeed better for all team members to have equal input rather than to have two players firing on all cylinders.

Allu’s and sergej’s performances weren’t enough to close out Nuke in their favor.

Whereas Nuke was a tight game, the same could not be said about Dust 2. The Poles started things off on t-side, winning the pistol round and picking up the next two rounds. The Finns were quick to counter on full buy rounds as they managed to pick up the next four. However, Kinguin had enough and managed to get six more rounds before switching sides, resulting in a favorable score for the Poles, 9-6.

After the half, Kinguin yet again started off on a good foot and picked up the very first two rounds on ct-side. ENCE had a glimmer of hope when they caught up, winning the next three rounds, including an amazing 1v4 clutch from allu to defend the bomb on a-site. However, the remaining rounds were just a formality for Kinguin. A stellar performance on a-site from Karol “rallen” Rodowicz and Jacek “MINISE” Jeziak was a massive factor in Kinguin’s victory. The duo attained a rating of 1.58 and 1.55 respectively according to HLTV’s rating 2.0. It was a great performance to close out the game comfortably and lift the DreamHack trophy in Montreal.

minise’s a-site hold with the AWP was massive in helping his side close out the map.

A revived powerhouse on the Polish CS:GO scene?

Finally, Kinguin can now be considered a real force to reckon with. A win on the international stage such as DreamHack proves the credibility of one’s abilities. A failure to beat MIBR at Zotac Cup Masters 2018 in the final was not an obstacle for Kinguin to go on and reach yet another final, this time leaving with a victory behind their belts. Now Kinguin will most likely advance to the #1 spot on the regional HLTV ranking in Poland, overtaking AGO Esports and the crumbling Virtus.pro after an update rolls out. Since the addition of TaZ, Kinguin has never looked stronger. If such form continues on behalf of Kinguin, we may very well see a new, better, and revived Kinguin, with an extremely experienced in-game leader paving way for more and more success for the Polish side.

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