DragonX apologize to Griffin for accidental leak of scrim results
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According to Kevin Kim of Korizon Esports, an incident occurred in a scrim between DragonX and Griffin. In the scrim, LCK team DragonX accidentally broadcasted a large part of their scrim set against Griffin. In their Twitter post, DragonX state the leak was accidental and sincerely apologize to Griffin. Griffin haven’t publicly responded to the situation yet, but it is expected that the situation gets resolved on good terms. DragonX has asked that anyone possessing clips or screenshots from the leaked scrims delete them to preserve scrim integrity.

An unfortunate mishap with YouTube streaming

As reported by Kim, DragonX often uses YouTube streaming to let their coaches view the scrims as they are being played. The incident happened on one of the coaches’ YouTube channel, where he failed to unlist the stream. Unlisting the stream would mean only people with a link are able to watch it. However, the stream was set to public, meaning anyone who stumbled across it could watch the scrims. The stream ran anywhere from 2 to 3 hours until someone noticed the mistake. Two to three hours most likely means half or even more of the scrim block was leaked since scrims usually consist of five or seven games. While DragonX is stating this was an accident, there is a bit of history adding minor intrigue to the matter.

A tense relationship

Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho, the former head coach of Griffin, is currently the coach for DragonX. cvMax’s time with Griffin didn’t end very peacefully, so one might suspect there is still beef between him and the organization. Even though their leadership completely changed, based on what Griffin allegedly did in the past, there could be some further conflict arising from the situation. Only time will tell what happens, but we’ll be surely there to cover any developments in this story.

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