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After committing to the Atlanta Reign for the second season of Overwatch League, Daniel “dafran” Francesca is making news again. The popular streamer has apparently quit Overwatch, this time for good.

Dafran was actually streaming right before he would tweet his intentions this upcoming 2019 year. While live, Dafran would purposely lose multiple competitive games. As a result, many people would assume that he was trolling, and they were right. Throughout the stream, Dafran would make comments about not playing Overwatch, how he has lost passion for the game, and how he doesn’t have fun with video games in general anymore. After throwing several games in a row, the stream would end with Dafran uninstalling Overwatch from his PC.

Dafran and a troubled history

Dafran has had a history of trouble with the Overwatch community. Back in 2017, he would be banned from all Blizzard sanctioned events after purposely throwing and griefing games in competitive. He would eventually tweet out that he was quitting Overwatch, stating that “competing and scrimming made [him] very depressed and bored“. This time, it seems that his lack of passion is spread across all video games.

“If I quit Overwatch, I don’t know what I would do, dude, because all games are boring.” Francesca would say, complaining to his viewers on Twitch. Someone in his chat would state, “You are nothing without Overwatch.” He would agree, saying that he was dealing with conflicting feelings about the game. According to him, he could play Overwatch and get rich. However, it looks like he isn’t willing to sacrifice his own happiness, as it is clear he isn’t happy when playing the game.

Looking into the Future

Now, what does Dafran do from here? He has committed to quitting the game and the Overwatch League. However, with the way he has gone about it, he may have jeopardized any future possibility of entering any competitive team. In fact, he may have jeopardized his chances of ever playing any esport professionally. Why? After signing a contract with the Atlanta Reign and taking a $5,000 signing bonus, he is now abandoning the organization. Although there is ample time for Atlanta Reign to sign another player, Dafran’s actions are far too unprofessional for any team to take him seriously anymore. No team will want to deal with how unpredictable he is.

As said for the Atlanta Reign, they should not be in too much trouble roster-wise. It has only been eleven days since the announcement that Dafran would be joining the league. They also have two other DPS players on the team. Dafran was definitely going to be sharing time, and it wasn’t clear if he was starting for the team or not. Their only problem would be about all the wasted resources they had used for Dafran and his signing.

Final Thoughts

This situation brings to light a bigger situation for Dafran than just the Overwatch League. He is simply done with playing most video games, and that his drive for playing just isn’t there anymore. From how he was speaking, he just didn’t have the drive to do much, even stating that he would go back to working at McDonald’s. It is a shame since Dafran was a very talented player with plenty of potential. We will all have to simply imagine the heights he could have reached, had he committed to the grind of the Overwatch League. We can only hope that Dafran is joking and baiting all of his fans, but if he isn’t, we hope that he finds whatever can make him happy.

What are your thoughts on Dafran leaving the Atlanta Reign and quitting Overwatch? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more Overwatch League coverage, check us out here!