CS:GO pro Flusha convicted of tax evasion for prize winnings
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Swedish CS:GO pro player Robin “Flusha” Rönnquist has been convicted of tax evasion. Flusha did not report over $100,000 he earned in prize money, dating back to 2015.

According to Fragbite, Flusha did not report over 1.04 million Swedish kronor ($120,000 USD) of esports prize money in 2015. The investigation into his case concluded that Flush should have been aware that his prize winnings in 2015 would count as income. The court agreed and sentenced Flusha to four months in prison as well as an order to pay his taxes for the prize money.

However, he pled that his negligence was not due to maliciousness or ill intent. As such, the court has allowed Flusha to serve 120 hours of community service in lieu of his prison sentence. If he fails to comply, then prison will be right back on the table. In addition, he also has to pay a tax surcharge of 40% on what he owes, which will be around 200,000 Swedish kronor ($23,000 USD). He also has to pay 800 kronor ($100 USD) to the Swedish Crime Victims Fund.

Flusha conviction won’t affect competition

Since Flusha is forgoing imprisonment, he will be able to compete with Fnatic. Considering that the Flashpoint Season 2 CS:GO competition has just started, this is excellent news for both Flusha and Fnatic.

At $1 million USD, the prize pool for Flashpoint Season 2 is the largest pool a CS:GO tournament has ever had. Fnatic won its group stage against the MAD Lions after losing the Upper Bracket Final to them 2-1, forcing Fnatic to the Lower Bracket Final before the group’s Grand Final. Fnatic won each of these finals 2 – 0. Whether or not Flusha was paramount to these victories, Fnatic undoubtedly wouldn’t want to risk not having him on board.

Fnatic’s quarterfinal opponents have not yet been determined, as the Last Chance Matches have not taken place yet. Both of these matches will be on November 22. Gen.G vs Team Envy will start at 8 PM ET, with Dignitas vs. forZe to follow at 11 PM ET.

If Fnatic wins, then hopefully Flusha will remember to report his winnings this time.