CS:GO patch removes Cache, pushes Vertigo, adds 'EZ4ENCE' music kit
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A new week brings yet another major patch to the table as Valve continues to change things up in CS:GO. Despite this patch not being a huge overhaul, it introduces a few new changes that may leave some players sobbing and others rejoicing. Cache will now be reworked while Vertigo is added to the Active Duty map pool, meaning that we are going to see it played on the pro scene. Meanwhile, the famous “EZ4ENCE” song released by the band The Verkkars is added as a purchasable music kit. On top of that, a new sticker capsule filled with community designs has arrived.

Cache gets reworked, Vertigo pushed through

This may or may not come as a surprise for many. It had been rumored that Cache would get a rework, and now it’s resulting in it being removed from the Active Duty map pool. It has definitely been a while since the map has seen some changes. Hopefully, the staple map of many will get some fresh paint and adjustments that will make it even more enjoyable to play than before.

CS:GO patch Cache Vertigo EZ4ENCE
Vertigo in CS:GO

Vertigo now enters into the Active Duty map pool. It has been ages since the pro scene received a fresh map. Despite its being a “new” map, Vertigo dates back all the way to the original Counter-Strike. Naturally, we have seen tons of reworks while it was sitting in the Wingman lobby. Perhaps Valve utilizes the Wingman mode to test out potential maps for the Competitive map pool. It sure seems so. Anyway, it will be interesting to see a breath of fresh air in the pro scene with a brand “new” map.

EZ4ENCE now becomes a music kit

ENCE’s phenomenal performance at IEM Katowice Major in March sparked joy for many fans, especially from Finland. In fact, the team was so loved that the Finnish band The Verkkars decided to make a song about them. That’s how the song “EZ4ENCE” came about. It was even one of the most played tracks on Spotify for a while. Well, now you can purchase a music kit with the song if you are a supporter of ENCE, or, you know, just like the track — it is catchy after all.

Feral Predators sticker capsule

The patch lastly includes a brand new sticker capsule, this time named Feral Predators. Players can spice up their guns with some ferocious creatures. Coming in a wide variety of different animals such as a snake or bear, some will definitely be looking to pick those up. I mean, who wouldn’t want a shark with “baited” written under it (get it?)?

CS:GO patch Cache Vertigo EZ4ENCE stickers
Paper, Holo, and Foil stickers

What do you think of the changes introduced? Are you happy about Vertigo being added into the map pool and Cache being axed? Will you be picking up the “EZ4ENCE” music kit or the fresh sticker capsule? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and remember to check us out for the freshest news in the esports world. You can also check out the official patch notes on the CS:GO blog.