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After four seasons in the Fortnite Chapter 2 map, we might be heading back to the Chapter 1 map. Even though the second chapter brought with it an updated appearance, new mechanics, and new loot, fans still miss the original Athena map. They’ve been demanding its return ever since, and some subtle teases suggest that may just be the case.

If you’ve been playing Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2, then you know that Iron Man has been upgrading the Battle Bus. A new theory suggests that these upgrades all point to the beloved Athena map from Chapter 1. Check out this string-connecting corkboard madness.

The wormhole connection… So what we all thought was a black hole turns out to be a worm hole. A wormhole is a hypothetical connection between widely separated parts of space. This makes sense because the orb seems to be on both maps. *the reason galactus is coming to our map* “nexus war” from FortNiteBR

As Reddit user SvenWillNeverDie420 points out, Tony Stark’s whiteboard in the Stark Industries POI (point-of-interest) appears to include a wormhole theory. Does this mean that Stark is upgrading the Battle Bus to travel through this wormhole? Or will the wormhole connect both maps, allowing players to move freely between them?

Epic Games Worldwide creative director Donald Mustard adds even more credence to this theory. He tweeted that players need to “pay attention,” because “it’s ALL connected.”

Sven also points out in his conspiracy theory that the definition of Nexus is “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.” Since Season 4 is titled the “Nexus War,” it’s obviously a war connecting things together. We initially all thought this was simply referring to connecting the Marvel universe with Fortnite, but what if it means other connections? For example, what if it means connecting the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 maps?

Of course, this is all speculation at this point. Mustard’s tweet was also back in August, so he might have been referring to some other connection entirely. Or he was dropping some mad foreshadowing.

We’ll know more once Season 5 rolls around. The current estimate (AKA wild guess) for Season 5’s release is November 30. We’ll be sure to update you once any concrete info comes down the pipeline.