FNCS squads & platform-specific tournaments: Competitive update
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Epic Games has released information on the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Champion Series (FNCS). This season focuses on squads as the main competitive game mode and will span over six weeks. Each week takes place over three different rounds, with the first beginning on Nov. 1. Additionally, there will be weekly Cash Cups and platform-specific tournaments.

Once again, Fortnite is providing plenty of opportunities for players to earn cash prizes, with the prize pool totaling $5 million. These competitions will span all over the world and are open to all players over the age of 13.

Fortnite Champion Series squads information

To enter, players must first grind through Arena and reach 6,500 Hype Points to achieve Champion League status. Both of Arena’s game modes, Solo and Squads, will feed into this Hype Point score. Once they reach the Champion League, players will be eligible to participate in the FNCS.

The tournament’s exact format has yet to be released. What is known, though, is that the FNCS will begin on Nov 1 and end on Dec 8. This time, the tournament will only have four qualifying weeks, each consisting of three rounds and several teams qualifying for the Season Finals.

For the Season X Champion Series, the first day included two rounds, and the second day determined which teams qualified for the Finals. The Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS should function similarly. Just like last season’s, the tournament will run separately in each region.


  • Week 1: Nov 1 – Nov 3
  • Week 2: Nov 8 – Nov 10
  • Week 3: Nov 15 – Nov 17
  • Week 4: Nov 22 – Nov 24
  • Finals: Dec 6 – Dec 8

Another change in this season’s FNCS is that more teams qualify each week. The exact number is still unknown, but it will be more than the top eight teams per week. The Series Leaderboard still remains important. Players can still qualify based on consistency, though less than last season. Fortnite should release more details in next week’s competitive blog post.

FNCS Warmup tournament

On the weekend of Oct 26, Fortnite will host a warmup tournament. This will allow players and the developer to test everything out before intense gameplay begins. The tournament will have no cash prizes. However, like the FNCS, the warmup will be divided by region. Players and teams can use the tournament to practice their gameplans before the real competition begins.

Platform-specific tournaments

The blog post released little information about the tournaments but mentioned that there will be platform-specific tournaments this season. This is something that many players have wished for. Until now, there has only been one platform-specific tournament, which was hosted for players on Xbox One. Look for more information about the potential computer, console, or mobile tournaments coming soon! And stay tuned to Daily Esports for all your Fortnite news and updates.