Cloud9 wins the RLCS Season 6 World Championship - Upcomer
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We have crowned a new champion.

After the longest lower bracket run in RLCS history, Cloud9 dethroned Dignitas to claim the world championship for season 6. Having lost their very first series of the weekend against EU’s We Dem Girlz, Cloud9 started their lower bracket run in the first round.

A long lower bracket run

Their first series of the final day was against Flipsid3 Tactics. Going up 2-0 in games, it looked like a quick sweep. F3, however, came back and threatened a reverse sweep. But in game five, C9 pulled it back together and sent Flipsid3 home.

The following round was against Oceania’s Chiefs Esports, who were playing their best RLCS yet. Having beaten Evil Geniuses in the previous round, Chiefs secured their first ever top-4 finish. Against Cloud9, however, they stood no chance. While they took one game in the best-of-5, Cloud9 finished the series in game four and moved on to the losers’ final.

We Dem Girlz awaited them in the next round, the very same team that sent them into the lower bracket on day one. But Cloud9 had all the momentum and were playing to their full potential. No one could stop them, not even WDG. Wins went back and forth, but Cloud9 was quite simply too strong in the end. With a 4-2 victory in the best-of-7, Cloud9 made WDG third place finishers and moved on to face titleholders Dignitas in the grand final.

Dignitas vs. Cloud9 in the grand final

Having come from the lower bracket, Cloud9 would have to win two best-of-7s. A tough task to begin with, and especially so when you’re up against the title holders who were on a 17-game win streak. They had not been beaten since day one of last season’s world championship and looked just as strong as ever.

But Cloud9 had the momentum, and they’d been on point all day. They immediately won the first three games and completely thrashed Dignitas. The Europeans crumbled under C9’s pressure and couldn’t finish their chances. They were a shadow of their former selves and would have to reverse sweep Cloud9 in order to prevent them from resetting the bracket. And while Dignitas did take a game in impressive fashion (4-0), Cloud9 didn’t seem rattled. They collected themselves and closed out the series 4-1. They were now one series away from becoming the new world champions.

After the short break, Cloud9 continued where they left off, winning the first game 2-0. Dignitas, again, managed to scrape out another win, but C9 adapted once more in impressive fashion.

With flashy plays, all while punishing Dignitas’ mistakes, C9 went on a tear and made quick work of the back-to-back world champions. Every game, Dignitas’ hope was visibly waning, and it ultimately collapsed when C9 went up two goals with a minute left to play.

Finally, with a 5-3 finish in game five, Cloud9 secured their win and brought back the RLCS trophy to North America for the first time since season 1.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.