Celebrate StarCraft II's 8th birthday with cakes and jolly workers
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Happy 8th birthday StarCraft II! The behemoth of RTS games launched in 2010 and, despite some outcry from gamers along the way (due in part to requiring multiple purchases), the title has managed to retain a foothold in the gaming scene. It still is the top competitive RTS in esports, and still has one of the most loyal fanbases around. That’s why developer Blizzard is keen on having everyone join in on the StarCraft II anniversary festivities.

Starcraft II 8th Anniversary cake

The Queen of Cakes

First things first, when you play at least one game during the week, you’ll get a unique cake portrait. Second, when your workers have completed their construction, rather than mosying off, they’ll actually join in on the fun. Your workers will start blasting off fireworks and “Happy Birthday” banners will pop out of your base structures. Anything that sees the Zerg having a lighthearted celebration not related to chomping people into biomass is a good thing.

Lastly, players who participate in Versus get a 100% experience bonus for the duration of the festivities.

So, yes, if you haven’t checked out StarCraft II in a while, now’s a pretty good time to get back in on the action. StarCraft II’s birthday celebrations start today and will end on July 30.

All images courtesy of Blizzard.com