Call of Duty: Warzone player revives their teammate mid-air
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In Call of Duty: Warzone, players have some options once they have been knocked. These include fighting for a second chance in the Gulag or using a self-revive kit. The most beneficial way to get back into the game is being revived by a teammate, since players are still able to hold on to their loot. A Warzone player has found an innovative way to revive a teammate. A clip was uploaded to the Call of Duty: Warzone Reddit page showing a player being revived in mid-air. This was very much a clutch play, as the player’s teammates did not have enough time to climb to the roof and get the revive. Also, dying from fall damage was prevented.

Getting the revive in mid-air in Warzone

The knocked player can be seen stranded on a rooftop, in need of a revive. Meanwhile, their teammates were positioned below. From the clip, it is clear to see there is quite a vertical distance between them, making dropping down a risk. Nonetheless, a teammate lines himself to catch the downed player and insists that the downed teammate drop off. So the teammates does drop and, sure enough, gets caught in mid-air by the teammate. Then the player was revived successfully.

Caught My Teammate Mid-Fall to Save Him from Dropping the Soap in the Gulag
byu/GreekFire04 inCODWarzone

Ultimately, this play kept the trio in the Warzone game. Although, obviously this trick will not work every time. If there are enemies around, it can put the whole squad in danger. In addition, if the catch is not positioned just right, then you will send your teammate straight to the Gulag in hilarious fashion. If you can master this trick, it may become useful, but it’s more an amusing oddity than anything. It’s another fun clutch moment to share around among your friends.

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