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It is with a heavy heart that we are sad to report that Call of Duty pro player Maurice “Fero” Henriquez has passed away at only 21 years of age. You never want to hear about someone dying so young, no matter the cause. While in this case, we do not know the cause, rumors have quickly circulated that the young man battled depression and took his own life.

However, his family, using Fero’s Twitter account, has insisted this is not the case.

And then other rumors poured in, including one Twitter account supposedly created by Fero’s mom that claims he died from multiple heart attacks. While the authenticity of this account is unclear, the official Florida Mutineers Twitter account supports this claim.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the speculation that the heart attacks were cause by a suicidal attempt or a drug overdose. One confirmed family member took to Twitter to please ask everyone to stop spreading false information about his death.

“It would be appreciated if you can let us grieve and stop spreading false information,” she tweeted. “Have a goodnight [sic] because we actually lost a Son, Brother, Cousin, Grandson, & uncle. Let him Rest In Peace now and stop saying we are lying.”

One thing many people seem to forget, especially when it comes to celebrities, is that when someone dies, the family doesn’t owe anyone the reason for the death. Be respectful of the family’s wishes, let them grieve, and let them open up when they want to, and not one moment before.

Remembering Fero

Fero joined the Call of Duty League in 2018, placing 5-6th in the CWL Birmingham Open. After that, he played with 100 Thieves and Team Envy. He joined the Florida Mutineers in early 2020 after the CDL rebranded. Fero left a huge impact upon the League, his teammates, and even his opponents.  He will be sorely missed in the COD community.

Call of Duty Fero
Image from Call of Duty League