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Call of Duty fans better mark September 10 on their calendars because the private beta for Blackout is coming. Players are hotly anticipating news about Blackout, touted as the battle royale mode for Black Ops 4. The battle royale genre itself has seen giants such as Fortnite and PUBG make a killing on the market. Meanwhile, up-and-comers such as Realm Royale have garnered attention. That’s why the “old guard” among FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield are looking to gain a foothold.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4  – Blackout Mode

We don’t know too many details about Blackout yet other than the beta date. Suffice to say, it could have major implications for the FPS and battle royale genres. How will the past big-name franchises fare in this new landscape?

Previous news and impressions about Heist mode and multiplayer footage — regularly covered by our own Chris Hinton — have whetted the appetites of the entire Daily Esports team as to what Call of Duty can bring to the table this time around.

As mentioned, the private beta for Blackout will be on September 10, but that’s only for PlayStation 4 users. The beta dates for the other systems will be revealed later on. As usual, Daily Esports will keep you updated as we learn more details about Black Ops 4.