Breso wins Fortnite Australian Open 2020 - Upcomer
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The second annual Fortnite Australian Open took place on Feb. 2 in Melbourne, Australia. The event runs in conjunction with the famous tennis tournament. Fortnite players from around the world traveled to compete. In the end, the local Oceania player “Breso” won the tournament. He takes home $100,000 AUD for the first-place finish. In addition, Breso becomes the first controller player to win a major LAN event. Other controller players have won online tournaments but never a LAN. This victory continued to stir the “controller versus keyboard and mouse” debate after the Australian Open. Nonetheless, Breso proved his abilities with a smart and consistent play style. His final game clutch secured the victory and first place overall.

Global representation among the leaderboards

The final standings for the Fortnite Australian Open saw players from Oceania, Asia, North America, and Europe. Most players competing in the tournament came from Oceania. Based on the percentage of players from the region, it is no surprise that the top two players hail from OCE.

Looter” finished in second place. Recently, he dominated the OCE Solo Cash Cups. Several players had doubted his ability to perform at a LAN, yet Looter proved the doubters wrong and earned $40,000 AUD.

North American player Reza “Symetrical” Ebrahimi Manie finished third. He is a veteran of the Fortnite scene and continues to succeed. Symetrical has top 10 placements dating back to World Cup Qualifiers. In Chapter 2 – Season 1, he has proven to be among the top solo players in his region. His third-place finish at the Australian Open earns him $25,000 AUD and continued respect for his skill.

fortnite australian open top 3 breso looter symetrical
From left to right, Looter, Breso, and Symetrical celebrate their performance at the Fortnite Australian Open 2020.

The former World Cup Duo winner, Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen, rounded out the top four. He came into the event as one of the favorites to win it all. While he was disappointed with his fourth-place finish, it is impressive. The meta of Fortnite lends itself to some percentage of chance. Any player who finished within the top 10 should be proud of their achievement.

What’s next for competitive Fortnite?

There has been no announcement for the next major tournament hosted by Fortnite. Epic Games is expected to make an announcement around the time of the new season release on Feb 20. Then DreamHack hosts its own Fortnite LAN tournament on Feb. 21. Anaheim, California hosts the DreamHack event with a $250,000 USD prize pool. Like the Australian Open, DreamHack Anaheim is also Solos. Until the next announcement, professional Fortnite players will prepare for DreamHack.