Blizzard teases mysterious new content for Heroes of the Storm
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Blizzard’s official Heroes of the Storm Twitter account posted an intriguing picture yesterday, prompting a frenzy of speculation online. Usually, posting a bit of ambiguous art with no explanation is their cryptic way of teasing new content. It seems something fun is on the horizon for Heroes of the Storm.

Mecha Valla?

We don’t know yet whether this will be an event launch, a new hero or something completely else. The image, which you can see below, has a strong anime vibe. Some Twitter users have pointed out it’s a visual homage to this classic portrait of Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm HotS MOBA teaser upcoming content

This has prompted the Heroes of the Storm community to guess the new release will have something to do with D.Va. The Overwatch-imported hero does ride inside a mech suit and has a skin which is distinctly inspired by Asuka’s look.

Then there are the weapons. The robot (or suit?) in the picture appears to be holding two futuristic hand-crossbows. That – and the red-eyed woman in front of it – would immediately suggest a Valla connection.

Perhaps the most likely theory is that the teaser is for an upcoming “sequel” to Heroes of the Storm’s MechaStorm event from 2018. The event featured some of the coolest cosmetics the game has ever had, plus a great, anime-style video short. A lot of players would love to get another round of mecha action in the Nexus.

Heroes of the Storm MOBA Blizzard MechaStorm event skin cosmetic Tyrael

We will know more soon

While Blizzard has previously been quick to follow these mysterious teasers with actual reveals, nothing is for sure anymore. It’s just too hard to tell exactly how stable Heroes of the Storm is right now. Despite losing Blizzard’s esports support last year, the game has endured. Its competitive scene recently found a new home in ESPN’s Collegiate Esports Championship, which ended its first run last month.

On the other hand, the Heroes of the Storm release schedule is not nearly as fast as it used to be. Only two new heroes have been added to the game since the start of 2019. Yet, coming this soon after Anduin’s arrival only a month ago, this upcoming content release is a good sign.

We hope Blizzard lets us off the hook soon, perhaps by announcing something at the start of E3 on June 11. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more updates on this and other Heroes of the Storm news!