Blizzard announces Qhira, a new assassin for Heroes of the Storm
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Heroes of the Storm is about to get its second original hero: Qhira. Announced earlier today, she will join Orphea in the honor of being a Nexus original and not arriving from an existing Blizzard IP. Read on for our full breakdown of Qhira’s abilities and role in Heroes of the Storm!

Chainsword and Grappling Hook

Qhira is a mobile melee assassin that seems to dish out some serious burst damage. Her trait is an active ability called Grappling Hook. With it, she can pull herself to terrain or to enemy heroes.

Qhira trait grappling hook hots heroes of the storm

She carries a serrated sword which can extend to turn into a bladed whip. This interesting weapon is incorporated into her abilities, allowing her to do both area and single-target damage. Qhira can also use it to chase down and body-block enemy heroes. Combined with her Grappling Hook, this gives her a lot of mobility. That is, assuming she can land her skillshots.

Like many other Heroes of the Storm assassins, her self-sustain comes from dealing damage. Her attacks and abilities cause enemy heroes to Bleed, taking damage over time. When Qhira activates her Blood Rage ability, she recovers health from each Bleeding enemy hero.

Nexus original

Heroes of the Storm has not had an original hero since last year’s release of Orphea, another mobile burst assassin. Prior to her addition to the game, its roster featured only heroes from Blizzard’s many other games. The studio is not anywhere near to having exhausted the supply of heroes they could borrow from these franchises. For that reason, it is both exciting and interesting to see them design new heroes from scratch.

Qhira is already playable on the public test realm servers. She will officially enter the Nexus on August 6. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Heroes of the Storm news and content!