Best unconventional LoL bot lane combos to try in your next Ranked match
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Have you been looking for a new and unconventional League of Legends bot lane combo to try out with your duos partner in Ranked? Then look no further, as we cover some of the best bot lane combos for people who don’t want to be slaves to the tier list!

Taric & Kalista

Taric and Kalista Combo

The OG wombo combo, nothing strikes more fear into the heart of ADCs and Supports everywhere than seeing a Taric & Kalista premade get locked in during Champion select.

Each one of their kits complements the other’s and makes up for each other’s weaknesses. Taric normally struggles with getting up close enough to land his Dazzle. But with an Ult from Kalista, he can knock up an enemy and land a guaranteed stun into empowered auto + Ignite combo, assuredly getting a kill in the process.

Swain & Lux

Swain and Lux Bot Lane Combo

Now let’s take a bit of travel back in time to the ADC in 2018 LUL Meta. This was a time where anything and everything that wasn’t a marksman thrived in the bot lane and gave us the incredibly potent Swain APC. Whilst things may have gone back to normal nowadays, Swain can still hold his own down in the bot lane, especially when paired with everyone’s least favorite support matchup, Lux. With Lux’s immense pre-6 kill pressure, Swain can buy himself the time he needs to farm up to 6 and gain access to his Ult, at which point he can begin to put the pressure on his enemies. Being able to set up an entire kill combo off the back of a single Light Binding is nothing short of godly, setting up a CC chain that also allows Swain to charge his Ult during the entire process. This makes it almost impossible to escape the clutches of death.

Zyra & Heimerdinger

Zyra and Heimerdinger Bot Lane Combo - Best unconventional LoL bot lane combos to try in your next Ranked match

This next combo is incredibly simple to pull off and incredibly effective. All you have to do is land any form of CC, either from Heimer or Zyra. Once you have landed a form of CC, proceed to firmly plant your face on your keyboard and just roll around wildly — just hit any button you want — and it will result in a kill. With the double turret pressure coming out from the duo, you will put out insane amounts of damage that is nearly inescapable. In fact, I have never once lost a game playing this duo lane, and that’s really saying something.

Honorable Mention: Rengar & Ivern

Rengar and Ivern Bot Lane Combo - Best unconventional LoL bot lane combos to try in your next Ranked match

Have Ivern place a brush, and proceed to have Rengar stand in said brush. Wait for an unsuspecting enemy to get within range and proceed to trebuchet yourself. Enjoy the results.

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