Battlefield V's lack of Grand Operations on launch day has fans worried
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Straight off the heels of recent tweaks from Battlefield V‘s closed alpha, EA DICE has provided new details for the game’s multiplayer. First off, old mainstays such as Conquest, Domination, and Team Deathmatch will be back. Frontline, introduced in Battlefield 1, will also be returning. However, it’s the information regarding Battlefield V‘s Grand Operations which has some fans worried. Why? Because it won’t be available at launch.

Battlefield V

No Grand Operations for Battlefield V’s launch

A recent post on the game’s official website had the following statement:

Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience, designed to seamlessly showcase the maps and modes of Battlefield V. Each Grand Operation presents a powerful narrative experience inspired by historical events. Shortly after launch, you will be able to take part in the first Grand Operation. In the months that follow, you’ll continue the fight across other unseen and unplayed battlefields of World War 2.

The part in bold is the most telling, as a major aspect of the Battlefield multiplayer experience will not be available when it launches. There is no ETA provided except “shortly,” which makes it vague. This has gotten some players riled up in the game’s subreddit and elsewhere. They’ve taken it to mean that they’re paying for a full-priced game with some features still unavailable.

The other fairly telling part in the release also talks about the evolution of Grand Operations. There will now be “days” representing the rounds that have taken place. Your success, or failure, will carry over to the next “day,” granting you bonuses or penalties.

Also of note is Airborne. This isn’t the battle royale which Battlefield V is expected to have as a mode post-launch. However, it is reminiscent of certain battle royale games where you jump out of transport planes and parachute into a war zone. The difference here is that members of the attacking team will parachute to take out artillery defended by opposing players. Those key moments did happen in World War II, so it’s only fitting for Battlefield V to include this mechanic.