The Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam trailer gives a glimpse of battle royale
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For the past few weeks, Battlefield fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the next game in the franchise. The latest, Battlefield V, which brings the series back to World War II, will also have its own battle royale mode. In a case of “is it or isn’t it,” all the past teases have led us to today. The latest trailer for Gamescom is titled Devastation of Rotterdam. Also, towards the end, we get a glimpse of the hotly-anticipated battle royale mode.

Battlefield V – The Devastation of Rotterdam and battle royale

The trailer pertains to the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The German invasion of the Netherlands lasted but a few days in May 1940. However, the psychological horrors of “The Rotterdam Blitz” affected countless civilians for the remainder of their lives. The Luftwaffe bombed the city, killing almost a thousand innocents and rendering over 80,000 people homeless. As such, parts of the trailer show a battle in the Dutch city, as well as German Messerschmidts and Stukas flying overhead. We also see attempts by players to try and capture a British control point. After all, the Netherlands was a major battleground for British and German forces.

We spot waterways with a bridge on the horizon, much like Arnhem, and snowcapped mountains in Norway. There is utter chaos happening all around. Battlefield V, from the trailer alone, promises more frantic and fast-paced action.

And yet, it is towards the end of the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer which would really get a fan to shiver with excitement. Even the history nerd in me was astounded. We see a snowy, mountainous landscape slowly being devoured by flames. It looks to be the long-awaited battle royale mode for Battlefield V. Since past games in the genre have shown a slowly shrinking map due to environmental hazards, there’s nothing more fitting than a raging inferno from an aerial strike to show what battle royale would be like in Battlefield‘s setting.