Baptiste Challenge offers new skin, icon, and sprays in Overwatch
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Over the last three years, Overwatch has had some very diverse events for its players to try. From the seasonal events like Archives to the newer hero-centric challenges, players have the chance to grind and earn special rewards for their roster of heroes. This month, Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new hero challenge revolving around the most recent support hero, Baptiste.

This follows the release of a new short story that goes deeper into Baptiste’s backstory and how certain actions of his led to harsh consequences. There are three tiers of rewards that players can earn by completing Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge. If you win three games in any quick play, competitive play, or arcade match, then you will earn a player icon. The next tier is for six games won, which can earn you two Baptiste sprays. The last tier is an exclusive event skin that you can earn by winning nine games. While you play, there is a progress bar that will tell you how close you are to earning these rewards.

Overwatch Baptiste Challenge offers new skin, icon, and sprays

Additionally, if you watch certain streamers play the event and link your Twitch to your Blizzard account, you can earn even more rewards. Players can find a schedule of partnered streamers on the Overwatch website. This event will last from June 18 – July 1.