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Backbone is a mobile gaming application that allows iPhone users to game from the comfort of their couch. Whether you’re looking to casually game with friends or compete at the highest level, Backbone has something for you. Its sleek design allows you to comfortably grip the side controls which pull out to fit your phone. Backbone is an iOS application that fits all iPhone models later than the iPhone 6s.

Backbone community app

You don’t have to game alone with Backbone’s iOS app that allows you to connect with friends. When you first open the Backbone app you are greeted with a similar screen shown on their website. They advertise games playable with Backbone and allow you to purchase it through the app. However, there is currently a waitlist nearly 11,000 long of people trying to get their hands on it.

At $99 (USD) the iPhone gaming application is on the higher end in price but cuts no corners. For an iOS product, the unboxing experience feels like opening something from Apple. You are greeted with the device on the front of the box with the comparable iPhone sizes on the top. Upon opening the box, you are shown a long list of people that you could be playing with. This isn’t a major touch, but it makes the unboxing process feel that much cooler.

Size and performance

Backbone is slightly longer than a Nintendo Switch Lite with my iPhone 11 in place. Since Backbone fits most iPhones, the length could vary based on what you have. Without the phone, the controller is the size of a regular iPhone and easily portable. You don’t need much space to slide Backbone into your backpack or bag on the go.

Backbone mobile gaming Review 2

Unlike most Apple products, Backbone features a 3.5mm headphone jack and a slot to charge your phone while playing. As someone who gets easily invested in games, being able to keep playing while charging is a must. Backbone also allows you to record game clips and take screenshots to share with your friends. Made a cool play on Call of Duty Mobile? Just hit the capture button to record your screen to take a screenshot. These captures will be stored in the Backbone app and can be trimmed down or cropped.

You can call up the Backbone app whenever by hitting the orange button in the lower right. This will call up the app and allow you to invite friends or trim your clips. You can also search for new games on the app store that are controller supported.

Gameplay and downsides

I downloaded the popular racing game Asphalt Airborne 9 to my phone almost immediately to see what the racing was like. I was pleasantly surprised at how natural the controlling felt with the joysticks and trigger buttons. There was absolutely no input delay and the whole experience felt natural in my hands. The controllers’ slight coverture reminds me of a PlayStation or Xbox controller which are both easy to hold for long hours.

Backbone mobile gaming

Overall, I think the creators of Backbone did an amazing job of creating a mobile gaming application for the iPhone. The only issue I had was that I had to remove my protective case from my phone to be able to correctly insert the controllers. Other than that, there is nothing I see wrong with the app or the device itself.

You can add yourself to the Backbone waitlist on the app today or pick it up when it releases globally!

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Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.