Back in Black: G2 Esports sweep Origen in the LEC Playoffs
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Three years after their first best of five meeting, Origen and G2 Esports clashed in the second round of the LEC playoffs. The winner would go on to the finals, while the loser would have to face Fnatic for the right to join them. G2 came in as the undisputed number one team in the LEC. Origen brought the support of the masses and the momentum to match. Would history repeat itself, or could Origen backdoor G2’s expectations?

Game 1

Origen took to game one fast and furious, with Kold working hard to set his solo lanes ahead and securing an early Infernal Drake. Kold’s hot streak didn’t last, as G2 Esports were able to get little victories around the map that built up over time. The two teams spent the rest of the mid-game fairly even, but a chaotic Baron fight let to a seemingly even three-for-three trade. The catch was that the two surviving members for G2 were Perkz’s Kalista and Caps’s Ryze, who were easily able to secure Baron on their own. After Origen picked up an Elder Dragon, the game was a dead heat once again. Objectives, kills, and fights were traded back and forth, but an open nexus allowed G2 to emulate Origen’s founder by backdooring for the win.

Game 2

Game two was an exceptionally bloody affair to the tune of seventeen kills in fifteen minutes. Neither team could gain any significant ground, until an aggressive Baron attempt by Origen resulted in catastrophe, dropping six kills and the Baron over to G2 Esports. After a near thirty-minute stalemate, this one call would allow G2 to quickly end the game, capped off by a Wunder quadra kill.

Game 3

Playing to the theme of the rest of the series, the early game had a massive fight around the dragon pit. This set up a small lead for G2 that slowly but surely grew over time. G2 applied a sleeper hold on the game from then on, choking Origen out of their objectives and resources. Without any real way to respond, Origen could do little more than watch G2 complete the sweep in terrifyingly efficient fashion.

Caps took the MVP honors for his performance, living up to his hype as the LEC’s first MVP.

Looking forward

With Origen defeated and a finals spot secured, G2 look forward to Rotterdam and a shot at the Mid-Season Invitational. Their opponent will be the winner of Origen and Fnatic, who will face off next week.

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