Meet Ashe, Overwatch's newest hero revealed at Blizzcon 2018
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Finally, the 29th hero of Overwatch has been revealed at Blizzcon 2018. Her name is Ashe, the rebellious gunslinger who leads the Deadlock Gang.

Blizzard would announce the next hero at Blizzcon 2018, by Jeff Kaplan, the vice president of the company and lead designer on Overwatch. Beforehand, they would play a brand new cinematic, aptly named ‘Reunion’. In the cinematic, it would feature McCree on the map, Route 66. It would also show the reason why a derailed train was sprawled across the map. Finally, McCree would meet up with Ashe and her Deadlock Gang, while they pillage the train’s contents.

Ashe and McCree have a history, which may mean they were part of the same gang or romantically involved. No matter how they link, they end up butting heads after McCree demands for the contents of one of the crates. Of course, Ashe opens the crate herself and decides to keep it for herself. After a heated gunfight between McCree and Ashe and her gang, McCree stands tall. He opens the crate, where a humanoid robot familiar to McCree stands up. The cinematic ends after McCree says that the Overwatch crew needs her. Many fans thought that the robot, named Echo, would be the new hero, but it was all a distraction.

Ashe is the 29th hero of Overwatch.

Possible Abilities

In her gameplay trailer, Ashe would show off some great mobility, matched with some good damage. She uses a lever-action rifle as her main weapon, which seems to have a decent range. In the trailer, she is seen skirmishing with a Widowmaker, which makes the fans think she is a decent marksman. Her secondary ability looks to be a sawed-off shotgun, that one can use to essentially rocket jump to higher ground. Additionally, a player can also use the weapon to knock both herself back, as well as enemies.

Her third ability has Ashe toss a bundle of ticking dynamite at her enemies. As showcased in the trailer, players can then shoot the dynamite with the rifle, which explodes it early. However, we can also assume that if not shot, the dynamite will explode after a certain amount of time. Additionally, the trailer shows the enemy Brigitte try to knock back the bomb, which leads people to believe that the dynamite can also be targeted by enemy heroes.

Finally, her ultimate ability is pretty unique for Overwatch. Ashe summons BOB, a large attack robot to take on her foes. From what we see in the video, On first cast, it seems like BOB knocks up enemies in a certain area. Afterward, he is free to shoot at enemies with the machine guns on his forearms. This will be the first time that a hero is able to summon a familiar to the battlefield, and should be an interesting hero to play with and against.

Final Thoughts

Many people had their own speculations about who the next hero would be, from the Queen of Junkertown to Echo, the robot. Jeff Kaplan would state that Echo was not ready for Overwatch yet, but Ashe looks like a very fun addition to the roster. However, we should expect Echo to join the ranks of Overwatch soon. We cannot wait for the next big announcements at Blizzcon 2018!

What are your thoughts on the newest hero, Ashe? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more Blizzcon coverage, check us out throughout the week!