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Just yesterday, the Artifact NDA of the private beta got lifted. This gave us the first real look at what the Artifact gameplay will be like. All attendees from this year’s The International, the Dota event, as well as everyone who redeemed a beta key will have access to Artifact now on Steam. However, the public beta faced some issues early on in the day, as social media blew up with criticism from players and viewers from all around the world.

The main issues

  • No use for extras (Basic heroes, unwanted cards)
  • The lack of a free-draft practice option
  • There is no way to create draft events with your friends.

The solutions

Thankfully, Valve responded in less than 24 hours with a solution to every major issue the community was vocal about. First of all, they addressed the issue of no use for extra copies of the basic heroes. With the game, all basic heroes are included when purchasing the game. Soon you will be able to recycle extra, unwanted cards into event tickets. Event tickets in Artifact are used to play the paid draft part of the game, which rewards you with more card packs.

The second issue players and viewers alike were vocal about was the lack of ways to practice the draft format, which the development team is aiming to make the main focus. Valve solved this issue by enabling a free version of the Phantom Draft Gauntlet. This feature will be available soon, together with the final solution Valve mentioned today in the blog post they made addressing the communities concerns.

Later in the Artifact public beta, players will be able to create draft events to play with their friends. A feature mentioned being planned for the future has moved up in priority, as it was highly requested by the community. Artifact and all its great features will be available for everyone to play later this month, Nov. 28.

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