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Currently, Mirage in Apex Legends does not have a Twitch Prime skin. However, a leak suggests that this is about to change. Apex Legends and many other games work with Twitch Prime to grant fans access to exclusive cosmetics. Already, legends such as Pathfinder have a Twitch Prime skin, and they sometimes contain the color purple to resonate with Twitch. The leaked Mirage skin, though, also hints at a St Patrick’s Day event.

A look at the leaked skin

The leaker of this apparent Twitch Prime skin is well known for leaking other skins in the past. User @iLootGames tweeted an image of the Mirage skin on a Twitch Prime background. The green suit along with a clover used on the belt certainly does hint at a St Patrick’s Day event. In addition, Mirage appears to have an extremely red face (and hair), which Apex Legends fans may find quite unusual.

Following this, the Apex Legends leaker tweeted out an updated version of the Mirage Twitch Prime skin. The skin appears to look the same as the version that was originally tweeted out. One difference, however, is that the face appears have a typical complexion again.

It is not uncommon for developers to include days of celebration and holidays in a game. If the Mirage Twitch Prime skin is themed after St Patrick’s Day, then this could open up further features that may be added to Apex Legends to celebrate the event. It remains to be seen what else might emerge.

St Patrick’s Day takes place on March 17. So, if the leaked skin is accurate, Apex Legends fans will not have to wait long for it to be released.

Let us know what you think of the leaked skin! To keep up with further Apex Legends coverage, stay tuned with Daily Esports.