Apex Legends glitch sees player killed by a door
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Apex Legends has experienced its fair share of glitches and bugs in Season 4. There have been invisibility issues with Revenant and Bangalore, to a Wraith being able to melee an opponent when downed. Now, an Apex Legends player has encountered a glitch that saw a door kill an enemy Wraith.

Doors are not usually a threat in the game, as they are for navigating through buildings and cover from enemy players. However, a clip uploaded to the Apex Legends Reddit page shows the deadly door glitch in action. Seemingly, sliding into a door and opening it is enough to kill an enemy player.

The door glitch

A Lifeline that appears to be playing on PC is reviving the Pathfinder on their team. The Lifeline stops reviving after spotting an enemy and the player begins to shoot. As a result, the enemy takes damage and runs away.

At the same time, the Lifeline runs through a building and opens the door on the other side. Once the door opens, the Wraith appears to glitch inside the door and dies.

Door kill?? from apexlegends

Interestingly, on the kill feed, it states that the Wraith died from being crushed. Meanwhile, players could still pick up their loot afterward. The Wraith appeared to glitch into the door once its “Into the Void” ability wore off, which may have contributed to the issue. It is also not known how much health the Wraith had in this situation. While the exact cause of the glitch is unknown, the perfect timing executed by the Lifeline resulted in the hilarious kill.

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