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With the new generation of consoles coming out in the near future, the demand has been high for all. So high, that Amazon already sent an email out involving pre-orders of the PlayStation 5, saying that arrival would be delayed. People were fearful this would apply to all consoles on Amazon, and it has been confirmed to have spread to at least Amazon. The Xbox Series X now has a warning attached to it on Amazon, saying the shipping might be delayed.

This all arose when Amazon sent out this email to people who pre-ordered the Xbox Series X:

Amazon sends email to Xbox Series X pre-orderers.
Picture from Reddit

This email clearly shows that Amazon is having the same issues with shipping as with the PS5. This isn’t a surprise, as COVID-19 has made a lot of deliveries take a lot longer, no matter the product. Not only does the pandemic make it harder to deliver, but Amazon has had shipping issues with previous consoles. For example, with the PS4 release, some buyers received consoles early and some received them very late.

However, so far, this delay appears to only affect the Xbox Series X on the Microsoft side. The Xbox Series S buyers still haven’t gotten any emails of the sort, but we have no idea if the demand for it is as big as the Xbox Series X.

With the release on November 10th, buyers are hoping the updates by then are good. But if this delay is causing trouble for you, at least a warning this early leaves you open to make other choices. Whether it is buying an Xbox Series X from a different online retailer or from a different brick-and-mortar store, there are other ways. Hopefully, this issue is a small one and everyone can get to playing their favorite new games quickly.

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