Albert Luu wins Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at LACS Qualifier #1
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Albert Luu won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: LACS Qualifier #1 on July 11, 2020. It was the first of two qualifier events for the upcoming Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2.

Though he ultimately won the tournament, Luu had a bit of a shaky start. In pools, he dropped games to both Evan “avenu” Ho and Jantz “Thorne” Garza. However, his top 64 performance was much stronger. Luu beat Sufyan “Android 0” Hassan 3-0 and Jonathan “Bimbo” Rocha 3-1.

Luu continued his hot streak in Winners Quarters, defeating Kundan “FRO116” Chintamaneni 3-0 to advance into top 8. While in top 8, he earned 3-0 victories against Juan “Medz” Garcia and Luis “Smashdaddy” Rangel. Luu cemented his LACS Qualifier #1 victory with a close 3-2 win over Steven “FatGoku” Callopy.

Along with Luu, the following players qualified for the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2 through the LACS Qualifier #1:

  • FatGoku
  • Smashdaddy
  • Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl
  • Medz
  • John “KoDoRiN” Ko
  • Umar “Umarth” Sohi
  • Kevin “Bones” Emm
  • Arjun “lloD” Malhotra
  • Dawud “Aklo” Rahman
  • Noah “Nogh” Sundook
  • FRO116
  • Miles “Soonsay” Foster
  • Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez
  • Christian “Kürv” Melendez
  • Rishi Malhotra
  • Bimbo
  • Android 0
  • Fernando “Far!” Dorame
  • Logan “LSD” Dunn
  • “bobby big ballz”
  • Austin “Reeve” Reed
  • Anthony “Preeminent” Braun
  • Joseph “akir” Neidig

Other results from Rona Rumble: LACS Qualifier #1

FatGoku placed 2nd at Rona Rumble: LACS Qualifier #1. Though he reached the top 24 with an impressive 3-0 win over HugS, he lost 2-3 to Gahtzu in Winners Quarters. FatGoku proceeded through the losers bracket with narrow 3-2 victories against Aklo and Bones. He also beat Medz 3-0, Gahtzu 3-1, and Smashdaddy 3-1 before losing to Albert in Grand Finals.

Smashdaddy scored many upsets en route to 3rd place at this event. The upsets began in top 64, where he beat Soonsay 3-1 and KoDoRiN 3-2. Smashdaddy also defeated lloD and Gahtzu in five-game sets to secure his spot in Winners Finals.

Though he fell just shy of top 8, Nogh had perhaps the most unexpected run of the LACS Qualifier #1. He placed 9th using exclusively Donkey Kong, one of Melee’s lower mid-tier characters. Nogh cruised all the way to winners side of top 24, defeating Timmy “MOM!” Finotti, Alexander “Komodo” Neal, and Preeminent. Nogh is best-known for his performances in Project M, and he is ranked No. 26 on the PMRank 2019.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.