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Remnant 2 is full of interesting classes but some must be unlocked. The toughest to unlock is the Archon class since it takes a lot of steps and deciphering. Luckily, Remnant players have already dug through the game’s files to figure out the once secret requirements for unlocking the Archon class.

But that’s just the first part. Here’s how to unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2

Everything you need to do to unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2

To unlock the Archon class, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Unlock the Explorer Class with Fortune Hunter skill (Level 10)
  • Unlock the Invader Class with Wormhole skill (Level 5)
  • Equip Realmwalker armor
  • Equip Leto’s Amulet
  • Equip Void Heart Relic
  • Equip Amber Moonstone Ring
  • Equip Labyrinth Staff
  • Equip Ford’s Scattergun
  • Equip the Cube Gun
  • Equip the Black Cat Band Ring
  • Equip the Zania’s Malice Ring
  • Equip the Anatasija’s Inspiration Ring

How to unlock the Explorer class

So… This is only the first step and you must FINISH THE GAME to unlock this class. When you finish the game, you will get the Golden Compass Engram. Bring this to Wallace and you can unlock the Explorer class. After that, play through the game until you hit level 10 and you’ll get access to the Fortune Hunter class skill.

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How to unlock the Invader class

This is another long journey to unlock. Collect the Stone Carved Dolls in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium on Losomn. This will get you a Dreamcatcher weapon. Bring this to its designated location at the end of the game and then kill a tough boss there.

Level this class to level 5 to unlock Wormhole.

How to get Realmwalker armor

This is the Explorer class’ default armor set. You can start the game as the Explorer to unlock it or you can purchase it from Whispers at Ward 13. It will cost:

  • Beret – 400 Scrap
  • Tunic – 1,150 Scrap
  • Pantaloons – 825 Scrap
  • Gloves – 350 Scrap

How to get Leto’s Amulet

So this is another tricky thing but it can be done. Equip armor that gets you past the 75% stamina encumbrace. You should be into the red on your character screen. Then do a roll. It will be a clunky, slow roll. Do this roll 100 times — yep — and the amulet will appear for sale at Reggie in Ward 13 for 1,000 Scrap.


How to get the Void Heart Relic

To get this Relic, kill world boss Sha’hala found on N’Erud. Once they’re dead, visit the Custodian and then leave N’Erud. When you try to return, you’ll see there’s only one node that you can access, called Alepsis-Taura. When you travel there, you’ll find the Void Heart Relic.

How to get the Amber Moonstone Ring

This is an easy one, finally. Simply visit Cass in Ward 13 and purchase the Amber Moonstone Ring from her for 500 Scrap. You may need to revisit her if you don’t see it in her inventory the first time.

How to get the Labyrinth Staff

Go to the Labyrinth level and head to the portal. It phases to different locations on the other side. Drop off the edge to a ledge below and start walking to the steps at the end of the path. It will look like you’re heading to your death at first but a platform will form down there. A platform will spawn. Jump across this and climb up the ledge on the other side. You’ll then be on the path towards a powerful enemy. Once you defeat this, you will get the Labyrinth Staff.

Remnant 2: How to Get the Labyrinth Staff – GameSkinny

How to get Ford’s Scattergun

Okay, we’re like halfway there.

Start as the Explorer class or find the weapon on Yaesha when you kill the Corruptor as part of a mission. Speak respectfully to the Queen, kill the Corruptor, and then return to her to get the Seal of the Empress Ring.

Head to the start of the spawn and you’ll see four statues. Go into the building near there while wearing the Seal of the Empress Ring. The ground will open up and reveal a secret area where the Ford’s Scattergun is located.

How to get the Cube Gun

Okay, next weapon. Play through the campaign until you get to the Labyrinth and fight the Labyrinth Sentinel. You will get the Conflux Prism when you defeat them. Bring this to McCabe in Ward 13 and she will craft the Cube Gun.

How to get the Black Cat Band

Buy this ring from Reggie at Ward 13 for 500 Scraps. Oh, but you thought it was that easy? C’mon. You have to die multiple times first. Find a checkpoint and then keep walking off a cliff and respawning at the checkpoint. Then revisit Reggie. Keep doing this until you see the Black Cat Band.

How to get Zania’s Malice Ring

Reach Root Earth, the final area. Head to the Ashen Wasteland checkpoint and fight your way through to the second checkpoint. At this point you’ll find a ramp that leads to some trains. Walk around to the left and you’ll find a narrow path. There’s a small hole on the back wall that you can crawl through. Inside you’ll finally locate Zania’s Malice Ring.

How to get Anatasija’s Inspiration Ring

Now head to Whispers at Ward 13 to buy this for 3,000 Scrap. If you don’t find it here, explore Root Earth and you may come across it.

Okay, go to the Red Glitch Portal

Alright, got all that? Once you have done everything above, you can head to the portal inside the Labyrinth. Step through and you’ll see that gravity is inverted. A platform will appear beneath you. Fight enemies that spawn in as you fight your way to the red portal at the back.

At this point, equip every item, weapon, and whatever else listed above. Interact with the door, go through, and you will be in a new area once again. At the back of the room is the Strange Box. Bring this to Wallace and he’ll craft the Hexahedron that will become the Engram from the Archon class.

To think this was all hidden. Thanks developers!