You can rank up three ranks at a time in Valorant, and here's proof
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With lots of players on the grind to reach the highest rank in competitive Valorant, there is a possibility of ranking up more than one rank at a time in Riot Games’ new FPS. With some degree of luck, solid stats, and communicative teammates, it is indeed possible to skip some ranks while in the process of ranking up.


I teamed up in Valorant with a friend with whom I had played CSGO on Supreme to Global Elite ranks. Starting my journey in Valorant, I reached Gold 3 rank, while my friend had just completed his unrated and five placement matches in order to finally get his placement. He got Bronze 3. After a bitter moment of disappointment on his part, we queued in a duo. To our surprise, we got fantastic teammates that communicated well and kept focus throughout the whole match. We had the whole game under control, and both of us topped the scoreboard at the end. We ultimately won 13-1 on Split.

Upon asking my friend if he received a rank up, his reply was, “Yes, I did, but… is that Silver 3?” I had to check for myself to believe him. In one match, he managed to jump all the way from Bronze 3 to Silver 3. Needless to say, this surprised us both, as he had jumped up three ranks.

You can rank up three ranks at a time in Valorant proof Riot Games

Possible explanation?

Riot Games’ developers have already given us some hints on what is taken into account when ranking up in Valorant. Winning games is naturally the deciding factor, followed by how much you win and your individual performance that decays in importance over time. Having just attained his rank, my friend won the next match almost in the best way possible and finished in second on the scoreboard, trailing slightly behind me. He had a great game, despite a fantastic all-around team effort.

There are too many factors to determine why exactly he received a triple rank up. However, in this particular case, the fact that he just received his rank and that he managed to win 13-1 in the following match must have been a factor of some importance. Perhaps the system thought that his rank did not reflect his level, and he therefore needed to be pitted against opponents of much higher level moving forward. Whatever the case may be, all I can say is that my friend was very happy after receiving a measly Bronze 3 just one match before.

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